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Lies of P Cranks: What are They and How to get them

Take your weapons to the next level with our guide on what Cranks are and how they are used in Lies of P.
Lies of P Cranks: What are They and How to get them
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The weapon system in Lies of P is undeniably unique, allowing players to divide their weapons into two distinct parts: the weapon blade and weapon handle. Both of these components are subject to upgrades, but while enhancing the weapon blade is relatively straightforward, the process becomes considerably more intricate for the handles, requiring the use of specialized items known as Cranks.

These Cranks come in various types, each with a specific effect on the handle they are used to upgrade. Navigating this complexity during your initial playthrough can be somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, you won't have to go through it alone because this guide will provide a clear explanation of what Cranks are and how to obtain them, addressing all your handle-upgrading requirements in Lies of P.

What are Cranks in Lies of P? 

As mentioned earlier, Cranks in Lies of P serve as distinctive upgrade materials that players can employ to enhance their weapon handles. They are categorized into four primary types: Motivity, Technique, Advance, and Balance Cranks. Each type allows players to raise the attribute ranks associated with their weapon, thereby augmenting its effectiveness.

Lies Of P Cranks What Are They
Cranks in Lies of P are special upgrade items used to increase the stats of your weapon handles. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

To illustrate this with an example, when you apply a Motivity Crank to a weapon designed for Motivity Scaling, it enhances the weapon's performance in combat. This results in increased damage output when using basic attacks or even executing Fable Arts. Upgrading the handles themselves is a straightforward process—you simply need to interact with Eugenie in Hotel Krat and select the "Alter Handle" option.

While each handle can be modified in terms of Motivity, Technique, and Advance, Balance Cranks offer the additional capability of resetting your handle's properties. This feature can be particularly valuable when you decide to re-spec your character. As for finding Cranks in Lies of P, you won't need to embark on an extensive search—they are readily available.

How to get Cranks in Lies of P

In Lies of P, you can acquire Cranks through two primary methods: purchasing them from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat or discovering them throughout the game world in chests or dropped by Dimensional Butterflies. However, to access Pulcinella's wares, players must first clear the Vegnini Works area and defeat its final boss, the Kings Flame, Fuoco.

Lies Of P Cranks How To Use To Acess Your Cranks
Once you've defeated Kings Flame Fuoco, you can purchase new Cranks from Pulcinella and use them to upgrade your weapons by speaking to Eugenie. (Picture: Shane Moosa / Neowiz Games)

Once you've defeated Fuoco, both Pulcinella and Vegnini will relocate to Hotel Krat, where you can buy Cranks from Pulcinella. While Dimensional Butterflies are the second main source of Cranks, you can also uncover them in less obvious or concealed chests that may require some exploration to locate.

So, in summary, this provides a quick and comprehensive overview of how Cranks function in Lies of P and how to obtain them in the game. It's essential to choose wisely which weapon handles you want to upgrade with these Cranks since they are relatively rare finds in the world of Krat.