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Lies of P Weapon Motivity and Technique Stats Explained

In this guide, we'll help you understand more of your weapon upgrade options by detailing what Motivity and Technique stats are in Lies of P.
Lies of P Weapon Motivity and Technique Stats Explained
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If you've been tinkering with the weapons system, especially the weapon upgrade system in Lies of P, you've probably encountered the Motivity and Technique stats associated with your weapon handles. These stats aren't initially explained, and it might take some time to grasp their meaning through trial and error.

Fortunately, we've done the heavy lifting for you and are here to provide a thorough explanation of these distinctive stats found in Lies of P's weapon system. Below, you'll find a concise and comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to understand about the Motivity and Technique stats in Lies of P's weapons.

What is Motivity and Techique in Lies of P? 

Let's begin by breaking down the concepts of Motivity and Technique weapon statistics in Lies of P. While these terms may be new compared to other games in the Souls series, their distinction in Lies of P is quite straightforward. Motivity essentially equates to strength, and Technique can be likened to dexterity.

What Is Technique And Motivity in Lies Of P Explained
Motivity translates to Strength, while Technique translates to Dexterity in Lies of P. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

When you're looking to fine-tune specific aspects of your weapon blades and handles (the components of your weapons where these stats apply), it's crucial to thoughtfully invest your resources, including Ergo, Hidden Moonstones, and especially Cranks, in the stats that align best with your weapon's characteristics. Motivity Cranks are more suited for heavier, brute-force weapons, while Technique Cranks are a better match for lighter, faster-striking weapons. Think of Motivity as emphasizing strength, while Technique emphasizes speed.

Reserve your Advance Cranks for weapons with magical properties. These Cranks not only enhance damage output but also boost your Legion Arm. If, by any chance, you've allocated too much Motivity to a weapon that's more inclined toward Technique, you can utilize Balance Cranks to reallocate your weapon's stats at any time. This allows you to optimize your weapon's performance more effectively.

What Is Technique And Motivity in Lies Of P You can upgrade at Eugenie
To scale your weapons with either Technique or Motivity, players will need to speak to Eugenie and alter the handles of their weapons. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

To access these upgrades and experiment with the Motivity and Technique stats of your weapons, players must first defeat the Parade Master. After accomplishing this, they will gain entry to Hotel Krat, where they will meet Eugenie. 

Eugenie offers you the option to customize your weapon blades and handles. Here, you can utilize the Cranks you find during your journey or purchase them later from Pulcinella after defeating Fuoco. These Cranks can be used to enhance various aspects of your weapons, including the Motivity and Technique stats.

What Is Technique And Motivity in Lies Of P Respec and careful considerations
While you can respec your weapon handle with a Balance Crank, they aren't infinite, so you'll need to make your upgrade choices carefully when it comes to your weapon's Motivity and Technique. (Picture: Shane / Neowiz)

So, there you have it—a concise overview of what Motivity and Technique stats represent in Lies of P and how they impact your weapons. It's important to make these upgrade choices wisely, as Balance Cranks for stat reallocation are relatively scarce, and your weapon's performance plays a pivotal role in your survival during the upcoming battles.