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How to Unlock Photo Mode in Little Kitty, Big City

If you wanna snap some great screenshots in Little Kitty, Big City, you'll first need to unlock photo mode.
How to Unlock Photo Mode in Little Kitty, Big City
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Diving into Little Kitty, Big City can be a blast, but where's the fun in a game like this if you can't stop time to take the perfect picture? Fortunately, there is a Little Kitty, Big City photo mode that players can unlock after completing one of the earlier quests on your To-Do List. After you give an assist to Beetle, you'll be able to snag a phone of your own to use photo mode in Little Kitty, Big City.

How to Unlock Photo Mode in Little Kitty, Big City

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You'll likely land near this quest while working on unlocking fast travel in Little Kitty, Big City, as the construction site you need is just across from Tanuki and accessible after delivering the first three feathers to him. The construction worker will pick you up and remove you from the site if he spots and catches you, so be careful to steer clear and time your movement with that in mind.

Take a few steps on the wet concrete to pop an achievement, and then head up the ramp to the top of that central scaffolding to speak with Beetle. After a quick conversation, you'll learn he's in need of a phone. Fortunately, humans have a tendency to stare at them while walking in a way that makes those people particularly easy to trip.

Wait until an unsuspecting one is walking by, quickly move in front of their legs to send them crashing to the pavement. Be sure to act fast and pick up the phone, as the human will initially stand up and try to retrieve it. Once you run off, they'll quickly realize they've lost this round and you can return to Beetle with the phone.

Speak to Beetle one more time, and that'll wrap this quest up and unlock photo mode in Little Kitty, Big City. You can now easily freeze time to snap a quality shot. If you need a refresher on how to access photo mode or anything else in the game, check our Little Kitty, Big City controls guide.