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How to Find Chameleon in Little Kitty, Big City

Riddle your way to every Chameleon location in Little Kitty, Big City.
How to Find Chameleon in Little Kitty, Big City
GINX/Patches Chance

You'll meet many different animals as your Little Kitty, Big City journey unfolds, but the toughest to locate every time will definitely be Chameleon. Living up to his namesake, there are eight different locations you'll find Chameleon after beginning this quest.

If you're wondering where to start or wanna be prepared, having an idea of where they're located and some of the upgrades that you'll need can help. For players who are stuck or can't decipher one of the riddles, we've got details on how to find Chameleon every time in Little Kitty, Big City.

Little Kitty, Big City Chameleon Locations

Screenshot _38474_

The first time you find Chameleon will be in the sand garden not far from the fruit shop you encounter early on. Just across the street, you should spot an open gate. Inside that area is a trash can, and a crawl hole which will put you in the right spot.

Snag a quick nap, and you should spot Chameleon up on the wall seen in the top right corner of the above image. Climb up and have a quick chat, and that will kickoff the quest to find Chameleon many more times in Little Kitty, Big City.

There is a place where hard hats shine,
Where concrete pours and daggers whine.
I'll be camouflaged nearby.
Invisible to your weird eye.

Screenshot _38478_

The first riddle will put you on course for the construction site. You'll have likely stumbled into this spot earlier while unlocking fast travel and photo mode. Check the porta potty just around the corner, by the dog, and peek inside to spot Chameleon once again.

A metal friend with arms spread wide
Provides a place to climb and slide.
But you won't know I'm there at all,
Because I'll be invisible!

Screenshot _38482_

Next, head to the playground not far from the father of the four ducklings you'll be hunting down at some point. Climb up the robot slide with the steps on the left-hand side and chat with Chamelon for your next clue.

A sealed glass case containing snacks
Can stop a human in their tracks.
What's better than just one machine?
A group of six to choose between!

Screenshot _38484_

You won't have to go far this time, just head to the row of vending machines directly across the street from the playground where you found Chameleon. Climb up the crates on the left-hand side and hop over to chat with Chamelon on top of the green vending machine.

Lizards used to rule the Earth
(And will again – just mark my words!)
But, until then, there's World of Gecku
A store where I will I will now expect you!

Screenshot _38486_

Now that you're on Find Chameleon: Episode 4, head to the main street (where the grocery store that held a duckling and a fish are located). Look for the giant Gecku, and just below it is a Gecku store. Head inside, and climb up the boxes on the right-hand side of the building until you meet Chameleon once again. There's also a cozy nap spot up here you should try before leaving.

So far I've been far too merciful.
So let's go somewhere way more vertical!
I'll be near a rooftop garden
Past the water-wielding warden!

Screenshot _38488_

Next up, you'll be headed somewhere that also happens to hold the location of an important fish. You can check our guide to steal the gardener's lunch if you need a detailed path to the rooftop garden. Once up there, simply climb the ivy and you'll find Chameleon where the water shutoff is located.

This rooftop was a bad idea
An alleyway will bring me cheer.
Just look out for the big red bullseye
And ... something something something ... BYEEE!

Screenshot _38493_

This one can be a bit difficult to spot if you haven't already noticed the big red bullseye, but the alley way is just to the right of the Gecku shop you were in a few Chameleon hiding spots ago. You'll have to jump up onto the truck just in front of this alleyway, climb the boxes, and then take the walkway to the air ducts.

Screenshot _38499_

This is the trickiest spot at those air ducts, as you have to make a tight jump (which you should grab the ledge for despite this looking like you'll come up short) and then can hop up on the pipes and protruding machines above it. Work your way to Chameleon and chat for your next Little Kitty, Big City riddle.

You'll come down to the riverfront
Where, magic-cloaked, I'll watch you hunt.
To find me is your dearest wish ...
Just don't get sidetracked by the fish!

Screenshot _38506_

The riverfront isn't far from the playground you were at for an earlier Chameleon location, and this is also where you'll be tasked with with trying to steal the fisherman's fish. Check behind one of the signs in the planter seen above, chat with Chameleon, and move on to your final test.

Beside the small convenience store
Protected by a well-locked door
You'll find a room where humans rest
And that's where I'll conclude this test!

Screenshot _38509_

Finally, this one can be pretty tricky to spot. The last Chameleon location in Little Kitty, Big City is next to the convenience store, or grocery store, that you rescued a duckling from and found a fish in earlier. You can't get to Chameleon from the inside, however. If you haven't already, crawl into the fenced area on the far right side of the above image to snag a bone for the dog bowl to erase that obstacle.

Screenshot _38513_

After that, climb up the crates next to the wall where the dog is at until you reach the ledges directly in front of the open window. There's a restroom in here, and you'll find Chameleon for the final time hiding against the mirror. Have another chat to complete this quest and receive your tiny Little Kitty, Big City reward.