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How to Get All Fish in Little Kitty, Big City

If you wanna make the climb and return home, you need to get all four fish in Little Kitty, Big City.
How to Get All Fish in Little Kitty, Big City
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When you first settle in to Little Kitty, Big City the Crow will teach you that it takes the energy of a fish to begin climbing and continue your journey home. Each new fish you acquire gives you additional climbing energy, and it'll subsequently unlock entirely new areas in Little Kitty, Big City.

If you wanna know where to keep an eye out or one pesky fish has become a pain to acquire, we've got the answers. We'll go over all the Little Kitty, Big City fish locations below in this guide to help you safely return home. 

Little Kitty, Big City Fish Locations

Screenshot _38392_

The first, and easiest, fish to acquire actually comes from the Crow you'll meet early on. After speaking to him, you should get an early quest to gather shinies for Crow. These are scattered all across Little Kitty, Big City, so just doing some exploring should help you find them.

Exact locations vary, but keep an eye out for any shinies sparkling in spots you can climb to. You can also find them in trash cans, and occasionally a shiny is hiding under a traffic cone after you move it. Once you've collected all 25 shinies, deliver them back to Crow and receive your first fish. Eat up and you'll now be able to climb the green ivy vines behind him.

Grocery Store Fish Location

Screenshot _38414_

After you climb over the vines, you should soon be greeted by the father of four rambunctious ducklings. He'll send you on a journey to retrieve the four ducklings, and while doing that you'll come across the next fish location.

You can take a right from the duck dad and round the corner to spot the supermarket, and this grocery store has one tasty fish inside you definitely need. You'll have to move a fan to reach it, and we've got more details on how to do that in our guide to finding the four ducklings.

Fisherman's Fish Location

Screenshot _38346_

Next, head for the waterfront spot where a lone fisherman surrounded by puddles is trying his best to catch something. When he catches a fish, you'll have an opportunity to knock it loose and pounce before he can put it away.

You can use the map above if you're having trouble finding the exact location, as it's a decent distance from the earlier fish locations. We've got more details on how to steal the fisherman's fish in this Little Kitty, Big City guide if you're struggling to chow down in time.

Gardener's Fish Location

Screenshot _38353_

For what will likely be your fourth and final fish, it'll first take quite a bit of climbing. If you're efficient with your climbing you may be able to reach this one after only securing two of the others, but there's really no need to add that challenge.

Once you've gathered the three other fish, look for the vending machines seen above that are just beside the fisherman's fish location. If you're having any issues reaching the top or getting past her, check out our guide to steal the gardener's lunch in Little Kitty, Big City.

When you've gathered that last one and chowed down, you'll officially have all the climbing energy you need to get home. Return to the spot where you first met Crow, and follow the green vines there upwards until you finally get back home and finish Little Kitty, Big City.