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Little Nightmares 3 Release Date Window, News, Gameplay, Story & Platforms

Everything we know about Little Nightmares 3, from the release date window to gameplay, story and platform details.
Little Nightmares 3 Release Date Window, News, Gameplay, Story & Platforms
Supermassive Games

At Gamescom 2023, publisher Bandai Namco and developer Supermassive Games revealed Little Nightmares 3 to take us back to our greatest and deepest childhood fears. The new puzzle-solving platforming title looks incredible, and we can't wait to return to "The Nowhere."

Yes, we've survived the Maw’s horrifying restaurant and the Pale City, but now, Little Nightmares 3 will test players once again as they attempt to escape! In this consistently updated article, we provide fans with all the latest Little Nightmares 3 information, from the release date window to story details, platforms, and more, so let's check under our beds and get started.

Update on 25 October 2023: We've updated this article with the latest Little Nightmares 3 info, leaks and news we could find.

Little Nightmares 3 News & Leaks

In this section, we consistently update you with the latest information on Little Nightmares 3, so check back soon.

25 October 2023: Checked for any new Little Nightmares 3 details

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22 August 2023: Little Nightmares 3 officially announced!

Little Nightmares 3 Release Date Window & Platforms

Little Nightmares 3 release date platforms gameplay story co-op multiplayer details trailer low alone
Little Nightmares 3 will bring your childhood fears to life on PC and consoles. (Picture: Supermassive Games)

The official release date window for Little Nightmares 3 is "2024" with no further information available at this time to narrow it down.

Little Nightmares 3 will be available on all platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, leaving no gamers alone and afraid.

Little Nightmares 3 Will Feature Co-Op Multiplayer

Little Nightmares 3 release date platforms gameplay story co-op multiplayer details trailer low alone
That looks like a carnival, which in turn means clowns. Oh no! (Picture: Supermassive Games)

The Little Nightmares franchise has always been a solo experience, but with the third installment, there are more options available for gamers. You will be able to experience the new horrors with a friend via online co-op multiplayer.

However, the developers also have the option of playing solo or with an AI companion if your friends are too scared/creeped out to join.

Story & Gameplay in Little Nightmares 3

Little Nightmares 3 release date platforms gameplay story co-op multiplayer details trailer low alone
What is that even? We kinda don't want to find out...(Picture: Supermassive Games)

As a platforming puzzle title, Little Nightmares 3's gameplay will involve searching for a way out of the Nowhere, escaping the grasp of unspeakable evils. 

The game's story features two protagonists, Low and Alone, lost children who are trying to escape from that which lurks in the shadows. 

Trapped within the Spiral, a cluster of disturbing places, the two friends will have to work together to survive in a dangerous world full of delusions and escape the grasp of an even greater threat lurking in the shadows.

Low and Alone have their own unique items, which will be used by the player to solve puzzles and defend themselves against the dangers of The Nowhere. Low uses a bow and arrows, while Alone has a wrench to use.

Thanks to a PlayStation Blog post, we have some official story/gameplay details on the first Chapter of Little Nightmares 3, including the first boss, Monster Baby! Check out the description below:

The game’s first chapter takes place in the desert sands and ruins of The Necropolis, a city of eternal energy and certain death powered by gusting winds. The ancient metropolis is now more of a ghost town. And it’s unclear what happened to its inhabitants, but perhaps a giant baby had something to do with it.

The Necropolis is the home of Monster Baby, a new Resident with swiveling doll-like eyes who is, due to her bulk, an agent of sheer destructive force. She may not seem cruel or malevolent at first sight, but her size, clumsiness, and curiosity might become dangerous for our dear Visitors.

Little Nightmares 3 Announcement Trailer

You'll find the creepy Little Nightmares announcement trailer featuring some tidbits of gameplay and a lot of eerie environments/creatures below; enjoy!

That's everything we know so far about Little Nightmares 3, which players will be able to enjoy together as they face their childhood fears! Once more information becomes available, we will endeavor to update this article, so stay tuned!