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Lost Ark Breaker Class Release Date, Skills, More

Breaker is the next playable class coming to Lost Ark and here is exactly when it will be available.
Lost Ark Breaker Class Release Date, Skills, More
Picture: Amazon Games

Breaker Class will be releasing soon in Lost Ark, and here is everything we know about it.

Amazon Games has announced the Lost Ark roadmap 2024 till April, giving us details about the upcoming classes, events, quests, and more. One of them is the Breaker class that players are eagerly waiting for. It is the male version of the Scrapper class, and here is everything we know about it, including its release date, skills, and more. 

March 21 Update: We checked for the latest details on Lost Ark Breaker Class today.
March 21 Update: Breaker Class is now live in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Breaker Class Release Date

Lost Ark Breaker Class was teased at LOA ON.
Lost Ark Breaker Class was teased at LOA ON. (Picture: Amazon Games)

As per the official announcement by Amazon Games, Lost Ark Breaker class will release with progression events in March 2024; however, an exact date is yet to be revealed.

Lost Ark Breaker Class Skills

Breaker class will use Heavy Guantlets, mobility, and combos to deal heavy damage to the enemies. Soomin Park, the Franchise Leader for Lost Ark revealed in an interview with MMORPG, "Unlike existing gender-locked classes, the Breaker is a different class from its female counterpart, the Scrapper. Most of the Breaker’s skills are different from the Scrapper in terms of mechanics and effects."

Soomin continued, "Breaker will allow players to chain powerful combos together and has a unique mechanic using Stamina and Shock energy. These two energies complement each other - using Stamina skills depletes the Stamina energy while increasing the Shock energy, and vice versa. This gives Breaker fluid combinations of chaining Stamina and Shock abilities back to back. Also, based on class engravings the Breaker can provide an entirely different combat style as well."

Stamina and Shock Energy Mechanics:

  • Stamina and Shock energies fuel each other. Using Stamina skills reduces the Stamina gauge but increases the Shock gauge, and vice versa.
  • Successful hits on enemies generate Tenacious Power.
  • When the Tenacious Power meter is full, players can activate Brawl King Stance for faster combat.
  • Brawl King Stance is enhanced with the Brawl King Storm engraving, and an alternative Asura State is available with the Asura's Path engraving.

Brawl King Stance:

  • Activated at 100% Tenacious Power by pressing the Z key.
  • Entry into this stance resets Movement Skill cooldowns, increases attack speed by 10%, enhances basic attacks, and reduces Stamina and Shock Skill cooldowns by 5% upon landing the last basic attack.
  • For 10 seconds, it increases outgoing damage from the player and their party members by 6%.
  • Basic attacks trigger the final hit immediately when using Stamina Skill.

Asura State:

  • Activated at 100% Asura Energy by pressing the Z key.
  • Changes Fighting Spirit effect to Sura Destruction, enhancing basic attacks and increasing damage based on Crit Rate.
  • Sura Destruction boosts skill damage, including Awakening and Basic Attack skills, changes Movement Skill, and increases Move Speed by 15%.
  • Pressing X activates Defensive Speculation, granting Push Immunity, a shield based on 40% of Max HP, and reducing incoming damage by 20%.
  • Using Defensive Speculation against high-rank bosses reduces the Penalty Meter by 50% and extends Defensive Speculation's duration by 3 seconds if attacked within 2 seconds after activation. It also triggers a Fighting Spirit Absorption state for 10 seconds, during which Defensive Speculation cannot be used.