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How to unlock and use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark

Awakening Skills can be beneficial to players when in PvE or PvP modes if used right. Here’s how to unlock awakening in Lost Ark.
How to unlock and use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark

The Awakening Skill system might be a foreign concept if you have never played an MMO before. Indeed, this might extend to new Lost Ark players too. These advanced skills are vastly different from common skills, offering powerful ultimate or passive abilities to those willing enough to grind for it.

Accordingly, unlocking these skills is no easy task and players will have to complete gruelling Awakening Quests over several hours to acquire them. This guide will outline how to unlock Awakening Skills and how to use them in Lost Ark.

What are Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?

Awakening Skills are advanced skills that function as an ultimate or passive ability. They can be used by every class available and are usually more robust than standard skills.

lost ark awakening skils guide available classes
Awakening Skills, once unlocked, are available to every character class. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

Awakening Skills are quite complex since they have a specific manner of acquiring them and can be more powerful than regular skills. Regardless, they can be highly beneficial to players in PvE and PvP matches if they're used right.

Each class has two slots for Awakening Skills; however, only one can be equipped at a particular time. Moreover, these cannot be upgraded, and players must complete a specific questline once they've reached Level 50 to unlock them.

lost ark guide awakening skills inventory slots
Every class has two available slots for Awakening Skills; however, players can only use one at any time. (Picture: Smilegate & Amazon Games)

How to unlock Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?

After reaching Level 50 and completing the main story and several blue quests in North Vern, players will be tasked to locate Beatrice in Trision. Once they have spoken with her, several purple-coloured quests will be made available to complete.

These purple quests are Awakening Quests, which will unlock Awakening Skills once completed. Before acquiring the first Awakening Skill, players will receive the final Normal Skill, which is added to their inventory.

lost ark guide awakening skills first unlock beatrice
Complete the first part of Awakening Quests to unlock the first Awakening Skill. (Picture: YouTube / Gamer Hex)

Awakening Quests are relatively straightforward to complete and will unlock the first Awakening Skill. However, gaining the second Awakening Skill is a much trickier task, requiring around four to six hours to complete.

Players will need to travel to Rohendel, west of North Vern and complete all adjacent quests from the main story. Once this is done, a new Awakening Quest, Mysterious Letter, will be triggered. During this quest, players will need to head to Queen's Garden.

lost ark guide awakening skills second unlock rohendel quests
Travel to Rohendel to begin the second part of the Awakening questline. (Picture: YouTube / DrybearGamers)

Once players arrive in Queen's Garden, they must locate the Postmaster, who will assign multiple Awakening Quests to finish.

However, players must complete additional quests alongside the Awakening Quests. These include the Facility X-301 Island quests and the dungeon on Twilight Isle.

After finishing the assigned quests, players can travel to Promise Isle to speak to Allegro. Afterwards, players would have concluded all Awakening Quests and receive the second Awakening Skill.

lost ark guide awakening quests dark and light second awakening skill
Complete the final Awakening Quest, "Dark and Light", to unlock the second Awakening Skill. (Picture: YouTube / DrybearGamers)

Players will only need to complete the second half of the Awakening Quests for the skills to be available to all Classes. Therefore, they will only need to complete it once per account.

How to use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?

Awakening Skills requires Chaos Shards, acquired from merchant NPCs in every city. Chaos Shards are geometrical fragments from the world of Petrania, which was closed off following the Chain War.

According to its description, Chaos Shards "instantaneously breaks the equilibrium of things to unleash incredible power". Once they have bought enough Chaos Shards required, they can use the equipped Awakening Skill in combat.

And that concludes the complete guide to unlock the ultimate Skills in Lost Ark, and how they are used in Lost Ark. Be sure to check out our dedicated Lost Ark section for even more guides just like this one.

We want to thank the YouTube channel, DrybearGamers, for providing the complete walkthrough to unlock Awakening Skills in Lost Ark. 


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.