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Lost Ark Lullaby Island guide - How to Get Forest's Minuet

This guide will explain everything you need to know about how to get Forest's Minuet in Lost Ark on Lullaby Island.
Lost Ark Lullaby Island guide - How to Get Forest's Minuet

If you are one of those gamers that absolutely love to hunt for all the little collectable things in games until you have them all, you'll have a field day with Lost Ark.

There are so many things to discover, find, and collect during your adventures across Arkesia, from hidden stories, recipes, Mokoko Seeds, legendary items, vistas, and much more.

And among other things, there are also songs. These songs have magical properties and essentially work as spells (similar to what bards do in other RPGs). These unique items are quite useful and of great gameplay value, and that's why you will want to acquire as much of them as possible.

There are seventeen songs in Lost Ark, some are rather easy to find, while others can be tricky, like the "Forest's Minuet" song.

If you are not sure how to obtain Forest's Minuet, read on.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island - How to get Forest's Minuet song

The first thing you need to know is that you'll need the Song of Resonance, which is important as we'll need this item for completing the third quest in this sequence.

Now back to our Forest's Minuet song. In order to get it, you'll need to complete three chained quests, collectively known as The Forest Where Fairies Sing, which you receive upon talking with Traveler Eclipse.

This will start the "I Can Hear You" quest, which will require you to find three fairies. They are "hidden" but once you approach them, a notification will appear. Check out the map below to see where exactly you can find them.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island The Forest Where Fairies Sing
The three Fairies locations. (Picture: Amazon via Papunika)

Each fairy will ask you questions that you'll need to answer correctly, and below you can find the correct answers for all three of them.

The first fairy answers (in order):

  • Whistle
  • Wait
  • Whistle again

The second fairy answers (in order):

  • Put down the shiny pebble.
  • Remember me?
  • It's a gift.
  • Wait quietly.

The third fairy answers (in order):

  • Just watch.
  • Listen with your back to her.
  • I'm listening.
  • I’ll look for one.
  • Sure.
  • No worries, I’m an adventurer.

When you successfully answer these questions, the "It's Okay, Miss Fairy" quest will trigger. A secret passage will appear on your map, go there and play the Song of Resonance in order to enter. There, you will complete the "Magick Melody" quest, which will grant you a Voice of the Forest.

Lost Ark Lullaby Island - How to Get Forest's Minuet
You'll need to complete a series of chain quests on Lullaby Island in order to get Forest's Minuet. (Picture: Amazon)

You will need a Voice of the Forest times three, so you'll need to use Song of Resonance a few more times in the secret passage area.

With three Voice of the Forest items, go back to the last fairy and hand them to her. She will be appreciative and reward you with the Forest Minuet as a token of gratitude.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.