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Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Location

The Dalian Orchard secret location in Lost Ark is a baffling mystery for many Lost Ark players. Worry not, as we are here to guide you to the exact location of the Dalian Orchard Secret quest.
Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Location

To put it simply, Lost Ark is a humongous MMORPG. The sheer scale of this world means players will have their hands full of adventures across continents full of epic quests, intriguing mysteries, and forgotten secrets to uncover.

A lot of content in Lost Ark is shrouded in mystery, and players will not have an easy time uncovering many enigmas of Arkesia.

The game's many collectables and quests are designed around exploration and players' ability to find something on their own, without being guided by the game.

One such particularly confusing quest is the Lost Ark Dalian Orchard quest and its Dalian Orchard secret location.

Where to find Lost Ark Dalian Orchard secret area?

Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Location
The elusive Dalian Orchard Secret Location has many players searching it hopelessly. (Picture: Amazon)

The Dalian Orchard Secret quest starts when you get a treasure map that will lead you to an NPC named Coney. Coney will give you the Coney's Orchard Warehouse Key and he will ask you to find something which is in that warehouse.

Seemingly a very simple quest, but it still has many players lost as they are unable to find this secret location, as it is not marked on the map.

The key's description reads - "If you find the right cellar, the key will help you get inside."

We know that it is a secret location in the Dalian Orchard, but where's that cellar?

Here's exactly where you need to go - at the Sien Inn crossroad, follow the upper left road to the northwest and simply don't stop. When you arrive at what seems like a dead-end, you'll see a shack-like structure imbed into the edge of the map.

Check out the exact location on the map below:

Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Location
The exact entrance location to the Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret area. (Picture: Amazon via u/ChocolateSpikyBall)

Most players will think that there's nothing here, but this is actually our secret location! Just go straight through the shack's door and you'll enter the secret area we've been looking for!

Once inside, simply interact with the workbench, which is a part of this quest, and that's it, you have completed the  Lost Ark Dalian secret quest!


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.