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Lost Ark 10027 Error Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic Explained

Lost Ark 10027 error is currently plaguing Lost Ark EU servers and is making players crazy as they are unable to connect to the servers. Can this be fixed or not?
Lost Ark 10027 Error Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic Explained
It has been a week since the release of Lost Ark for North America and Europe regions, and the game is still breaking Steam records left and right.

The game peaked at over 1,300,000 concurrent players over the weekend following the official free-to-play release, which has naturally resulted in overcrowded servers across all regions, despite Amazon's efforts to expand servers' capacities and provide additional servers for the most populous regions.

This was to be expected, especially given that the game is launching as an extremely hyped F2P MMO title, and to be perfectly honest, Amazon should have known better and should have prepared for this kind of inundation of players.

Naturally, the huge influx of players resulted in overcrowded servers and unbearably long queue times.

But over the weekend, when a total number of players started crossing the 1M mark, even being in queues have become oversaturated, and players started receiving the 10027 error that comes with a message "Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic".

What does this exactly mean?

Lost Ark Error 10027 explained

Lost Ark 10027 Error Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic Explained
Lost Ark 10027 Error prevents players from connecting to Lost Ark servers. (Picture: Amazon)

There's not much to say here except for what you probably already know about Lost Ark Error 10027 and the "Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic" message.

An extremely huge number of players are desperately trying to enter the game and play Lost Ark, as the RPGMMO has generated huge hype and millions of players are interested in playing it right from the launch.

As the server capacity is ultimately limited, the cap will eventually be reached on all available servers, thus preventing the interested players from connecting to the Lost Ark servers.

This was an issue even before the game's F2P launch when some of the most popular servers had 10,000-player queues, but it has escalated after Lost Ark went free-to-play.

Now players can not even enter a queue, instead, they are getting the 10027 error followed by the infamous message "Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic".

Lost Ark 10027 Error Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic Explained
Lost Ark players are experiencing ridiculously long queue times even without Lost Ark 10027 Error. (Picture: Amazon)

This essentially means that the servers are full to the brim and that even server queues have reached their limits, and that's why you can not enter a queue.

There's not much you can do here except to wait for people to leave the servers and disburden queues, which will allow you to enter the queue.

We do hope that Amazon will provide more servers and rise servers capacities, but for now, all you can do is wait.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate & Amazon Games.