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Lost Ark Whistle Emote - How to find, Island quest, and more

Add some flair to your character as we show you how to find the whistle emote and complete the Island quest to receive it in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Whistle Emote - How to find, Island quest, and more

Lost Ark is known for being a game that allows you to pursue your imagination when it comes to customizing and outfitting your character. A part of this is allowing you to use some unique emotes that give your character a bit more personality and flair.

Today we are going to be looking at the Whistle Emote that is available to use in Lost Ark. We will show you how to find it and use it, to give your character hat an extra bit of flair while you venture through Artesia.

Where to find the Whistle Emote in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Whistle Emote location Azure Wind Island on map
To receive the whistle emote, you must travel to and complete a quest on Azure Wind Island. (Picture: Lostarkmap.com / SmileGate)

The Whistle Emote isn't really found in the game, rather it is a reward for completing a specific quest in the game. The quest you need to complete is called "Ruffians in the ground."

To find this quest, players need to venture to Azure Wind Island, just south of Rohendel and to the north of Yorn. Before getting to this island to do the quest, you need to be at least level 50 and your gear should be at least level 800.

These are fairly late-game stats, so if you want this emote earlier, you will need to do some grinding to stack your levels, but it's well worth it.

How to complete the Ruffians in the Ground quest in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark whistle emote complete Ruffians of the ground quest on Azure Wind Island to receive emote
You must complete the Ruffians of the Ground quest until you gain a level 3 reputation to receive the whistle emote. (Picture: YouTube / Society Of Gaming)

To unlock the Emote, you need to gain a level three reputation for the Ruffians in the ground quest, which unlocks at level 50 as part of Una's Daily quests. You will also need to start the Azure Wind Islands main questline.

The quest requires that you cull Root Bores to protect the ecosystem, as they are destroying the roots of crops as they make their homes there. Do it until you reach reputation level 3, at which point you will unlock the Whistle Emote as a reward you can claim.

How to use the Whistle Emote in Lost Ark?

After claiming the rewards for reaching reputation level 3, you can head to your inventory to find the Whistle Emote. Activate it there to transfer it to your list of emote actions. Once there, you can find it in your emote menu and use it at any time to whistle.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Smilegate.