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Campus Heroes arrive at the MUT 22 "University"

The best college football performers of all time travel back from the beginning of their careers to reinforce your Madden Ultimate Team lineup.
Campus Heroes arrive at the MUT 22 "University"

There is an old saying that you never stop being a student, particularly a student of the game, as it is way more complex than hitting each other while trying to advance the ball down the field.

Most NFL players went through a college education that also allowed them to showcase their athletic abilities affecting how scouts saw them as prospects ahead of the draft.

The Campus Heroes program commemorates some of the most outstanding college football players of all time with Madden Ultimate Team items to round up your starting lineup.

The historical collegiates come back to MUT with the Campus Heroes program

Madden 22 Campus Heroes
The grand prize of the first batch of items honours who is arguably the best college football player of all time: USC’s Reggie Bush. (Picture: EA Sports)

Although it has never been a guarantee, the most prolific college performers also tend to be the players with the best NFL careers; examples like Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders or Bo Jackson come to mind.

For this first release of the Campus Heroes program, we are going to be able to see the following All-Conference items:

  • 91 OVR HB Reggie Bush - Saints, Dolphins, Lions, 49ers, Bills
  • 89 OVR QB Vince Young - Titans, Eagles
  • 89 OVR QB Matt Leinart - Cardinals, Texans, Raiders
  • 89 OVR WR Jordan Shipley - Bengals, Jaguars, Buccaneers
  • 89 OVR WR Roy Williams - Lions, Cowboys, Bears
  • 89 OVR WR Joey Galloway - Seahawks, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Patriots, Washington
  • 89 OVR LG John Hannah - Patriots
  • 89 OVR C Mike Pouncey - Dolphins, Chargers
  • 89 OVR LE Jevon Kearse - Titans, Eagles
  • 89 OVR LE Reggie White - Eagles, Packers, Panthers
  • 89 OVR RE Marcus Spears - Cowboys, Ravens
  • 89 OVR LOLB Clay Matthews III - Packers, Rams
  • 89 OVR LOLB Carl Banks - Giants, Washington, Browns
  • 89 OVR MLB A.J. Hawk - Packers, Bengals, Falcons
  • 89 OVR ROLB Derrick Thomas - Chiefs
  • 89 OVR CB Phillip Buchanon - Raiders, Texans, Buccaneers, Lions, Washington
  • 89 OVR CB Antrel Rolle - Cardinals, Giants, Bears
  • 89 OVR CB Mel Renfro - Cowboys
  • 89 OVR FS Brian Dawkins - Eagles, Broncos
  • 89 OVR SS Reggie Nelson - Jaguars, Bengals, Raiders
Madden 22 Campus Heroes Challenges
You can earn different items per every 20 stars you acquire completing these challenges. (Picture: EA Sports)

You can start your collection by heading onto the Challenges menu, where you will be able to play some of them to obtain stars which will later become underclassmen items.

If you gather 80 stars, you will get an NCAT (Non-Collectionable, Auctionable or Tradable) All-Conference fantasy pack that will allow you to select of one the college legends listed above.

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