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Madden 22
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How to stiff-arm in Madden 22

Make sure you’re able to throw a defender to the ground in Madden 22.
The stiff arm is one of the flashiest plays in all of football and it’s been a staple of the Madden franchise since the beginning.

The action involves the offensive player throwing out their non-ball carrying arm to stick the chasing defender and throw him to the ground or off-balance. It essentially lets the offensive player get some space when running with the ball and, hopefully, losing the defender in the process. 

In the NFL, we’ve seen some hugely impressive stiff arms over the years. While the Madden version doesn’t quite equate, players can still pull off the move with great efficiency provided they know how to do it. Below, players can see exactly how they can stiff arm another player in Madden 22. 

Stiff-arming in Madden 22

Madden how to stiff-arm
Stiff-arms are more commonly pulled off by running backs, like Christian McCaffrey. (Picture: EA)

The button input to pull off a stiff arm is as simple as it gets in Madden 22. All players have to do is press 'A' on Xbox and 'X' on PlayStation to stiff-arm another player. However, the situation to perform a stiff arm is a little more complicated. 

You need to ensure that there’s a defender in range for you to actually stiff arm. This means the defender needs to be within tackling distance before you hit the stiff arm button. Ideally, the defender is directly on your left or right when you decide to stiff-arm them. If they’re behind you, it might not work as well. 

Madden 22 stiff arm how to
The stiff arm can be hugely effective in Madden 22. (Picture: EA)

The stiff arm isn’t designed to work every time you press the button for it. However, if pulled off correctly, you can gain extra yardage and even go all the way for a touchdown if there’s only one defender between you and the endzone and that defender is then stiff-armed into the turf.

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