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Madden 22
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Madden 22 M-Factors: Home field advantage for all 32 teams

A brand new feature is coming to a stadium near you in Madden 22. Check out all the M-Factors for each NFL team providing a unique home-field advantage on game day.
As we close in on the official release for Madden 22, EA Sports has begun to release teasers and informative videos highlighting some of the new features. Among the new additions set to hit servers when Madden 22 officially goes live, is the M-Factor home-field advantage.

In past titles, we've seen X-Factors, unlockable power-ups for individual players based on in-game achievements. But now it appears as though EA Sports is giving gamers the ability to boost their entire team.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming M-Factor home-field advantages for all 32 NFL teams.

Madden22MFactors(Picture: EA Sports)

Madden 22 M-Factors for all 32 teams

This year's Madden will introduce a feature (M-Factor) known as Home Field Advantage. Each NFL team is equipped with one extra unique M-Factor that will only be available to unlock when playing at their own home stadium.

The unique perks have been specifically designed to celebrate the fandom of each team’s unique personalities. For example, teams visiting the Mile High City of Denver might have lower stamina reserves, or a harder-to-see play-art when playing in front of the historically loud crowd in Seattle.

Here's the list for all 32 M-Factors

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Fire the Cannons - Home team players have their fatigue temporarily replenished when in the red zone.
  • New Orleans Saints - Who Dat - On Away team 3rd/4th down conversion attempts, a random receiver will have an incorrect route when he lines up preplay
  • Carolina Panthers - Keep Pounding - The Home team has more stamina during plays
  • Atlanta Falcons - Rise Up - The Home team gains a flat amount of bonus momentum on every offensive play
  • Dallas Cowboys - Deflected - Away team punt distance is shortened when kicking across the 50
  • PhiladelphiaEagles - Linc'd In - While winning, the Home team gains more momentum and the Away team less
  • New York Giants - Turf War - Away team players fatigue faster
  • Washington Football Team - Unstable Ground - Away team has an increasingly hard time changing directions
  • Green Bay Packers - Go Pack Go! - Away team fatigues faster and has a hard time changing directions
  • Minnesota Vikings - SKOL! - The Home team gains a small amount of speed rating when in the red zone
  • Detroit Lions - Motor City - Home team accelerates slightly faster
  • Chicago Bears - Bear Down - The Away team's kick meter moves slightly faster
  • ArizonaCardinals - Rise Up Red Sea - Home team gains momentum faster
  • Los Angeles Rams - Home team gains bonus momentum for defensive stops
  • San Fransico 49ers - Away team has an increasingly hard time changing directions
  • Seattle Seahawks - Random portions of the play art for Away team will be hard to read
  • Kansas City Cheifs - Home of the Cheifs - Offensive audibles made by the Away team have a chance to fail
  • Los Angeles Chargers - Bolt Up - Home team gains bonus momentum for yardage gains
  • Las Vegas Raiders - Home team gains momentum faster and has increased fatigue recovery while winning
  • Denver Broncos - Away team players have less stamina during plays
  • Cleveland Browns - Dawg Pound - Away team hot routes have a chance to fail in the red zone
  • Baltimore Ravens - Truzz the System - Home team gains bonus momentum on every running play while winning
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Terribly Distracting - Away team hot routes have a chance to fail on 3rd/4th down
  • Cincinnati Bengals - Who Dey - No huddle results in reduced clock runoff
  • Buffalo Bills - Downwind - The Away team kicking arc is harder to control
  • Miami Dolphins - The Home team fatigues slower
  • New York Jets - Away team players fatigue faster
  • New England Patriots - Our House - Home team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns and 3rd down stops
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - Duuuuval - Home team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns
  • Indianapolis Colts - Hat Count - The Home team can see the hat count on all plays via coach cam
  • Houton Texans - The Bullpen - Away team gains less momentum for touchdowns
  • Tennessee Titans - Titan Up - Home team will avoid committing holding penalties

Make sure to keep our Madden 22 tab at your ready in the coming weeks as we countdown to the official game release.