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Madden 22
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Madden 22: All 'The Campaign' players and sets

Madden 22 will be an exciting adventure from the get-go as the Ultimate Team game mode will give us plenty to start with.
Madden 22's release is nearing and we are learning more about the title with every passing day.

Which game mode jump into first, which players to go after, which plays will give us the best chance to succeed are all things we are looking forward to.

If you’re one of the gamers who prefer the Madden Ultimate Team mode you will be glad to know that you will enjoy a jumpstart as The Campaign missions will help you bolster your roster.

The Campaign is the place where you begin your MUT adventure 

Madden 22 Madden Ultimate Team The Campaign Main Screen
The Campaign is a set of missions that will help you kickstart your MUT journey. (Picture: EA Sports)

The Campaign is a set of challenges that will help you start to navigate this new world whether you are a rookie on this game mode or a seasoned veteran.

The first part of the mission is called The Preseason and consist of fairly easy tasks that you have to perform in order to obtain a 75 OVR campaign edition player.

You should definitely take a close look at the options because you will be able to exchange this later into a core elite edition of the player you chose and their overall rating could vary depending on your selection.

Upgrade your campaign edition player into a core elite version

Madden 22 Madden Ultimate Team The Campaign Player Sets
You can upgrade your Campaign Edition player into a NAT core elite version that could range from an 80-88 OVR. (Picture: EA Sports)

Once you get your campaign edition player you can head over to the Sets menu in order to “upgrade” your player into a Core Elite item.

The campaign edition players you can choose from once you complete The Preseason section goes as follow (Core Elite item overall after set exchange):

  • Bears: MLB Roquan Smith (CE 82 OVR)
  • Bengals: HB Joe Mixon (CE 81 OVR)
  • Bills: WR Stefon Diggs (CE 86 OVR)
  • Broncos: FS Justin Simmons (CE 86 OVR)
  • Browns: CB Denzel Ward (CE 83 OVR)
  • Buccaneers: LOLB Shaquil Barrett (CE 82 OVR)
  • Cardinals: LOLB Chandler Jones (CE 84 OVR)
  • Chargers: SS Derwin James Jr (CE 82 OVR)
  • Chiefs: TE Travis Kelce (CE 88 OVR)
  • Colts: LOLB Darius Leonard (CE 83 OVR)
  • Cowboys: LE Demarcus Lawrence (CE 82 OVR)
  • Dolphins: WR DeVante Parker (CE 80 OVR)
  • Eagles: RT Lane Johnson (CE 85 OVR)
  • Falcons: RE Grady Jarrett (CE 82 OVR)
  • 49ers: LT Trent Williams (CE 86 OVR)
  • Giants: RE Leonard Williams (CE 81 OVR)
  • Jaguars: HB James Robinson (CE 81 OVR)
  • Jets: DT Quinnen Williams (CE 82 OVR)
  • Lions: TE T.J. Hockenson (CE 80 OVR)
  • Packers: CB Jaire Alexander (CE 87 OVR)
  • Panthers: WR D.J. Moore (CE 80 OVR)
  • Patriots: FS Devin McCourty (CE 84 OVR)
  • Raiders: HB Josh Jacobs (CE 83 OVR)
  • Rams: WR Cooper Kupp (CE 80 OVR)
  • Ravens: QB Lamar Jackson (CE 83 OVR)
  • Saints: LE Cameron Jordan (CE 85 OVR)
  • Seahawks: MLB Bobby Wagner (CE 86 OVR)
  • Steelers: FS Minkah Fitzpatrick (CE 84 OVR)
  • Texans: WR Brandin Cooks (CE 80 OVR)
  • Titans: QB Ryan Tannehill (CE 82 OVR)
  • Vikings: HB Dalvin Cook (CE 85 OVR)
  • Washington: DT Jonathan Allen (CE 83 OVR)

What you will have to give in order to obtain the core elite version of any of the players will depend on the overall of the item you want:

  • 80 OVR - one 70-74 OVR player, one 66-69 OVR player, and one 62-65 OVR player
  • 81 OVR - two 70-74 OVR players and four 66-69 OVR players
  • 82 OVR - one 75-79 OVR player, two 70-74 OVR players, and four 66-69 OVR players
  • 83 OVR - two 75-79 OVR players and five 70-74 OVR players
  • 84 OVR - one 80-82 OVR player, one 75-79 OVR player, and one 70-74 OVR player
  • 85 OVR - one 80-82 OVR player, three 75-79 OVR players, and four 70-74 OVR players
  • 86 OVR - two 80-82 OVR players, three 75-79 OVR players, and four 70-74 OVR players
  • 87 OVR - one 83-84 OVR player, one 80-82 OVR player, and four 75-79 OVR players
  • 88 OVR - one 83-84 OVR player, three 80-82 OVR players, and five 75-79 OVR players

You can pick the player from your favourite team or go for the highest-rated player, either way, you can choose freely the way you will build up your dynasty.


Make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every Madden release, news, MUT tips and more.