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Madden 22
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Madden 22: MUT top 10 most expensive players

Despite the game not being officially released yet, the auction house already reveals sky-high prices for the most requested items.
The Madden 22 fever has already hit the community as the hunt for the better-rated player items in Madden Ultimate Team has increased the price that players will have to pay in order to obtain them.

Even though the game has not officially been released and so far only the EA Play members have had access to it for a couple of hours and that was enough to create demand for some of these players.

So, if you were planning on skimping coins on your roster you may not like the following list, where we rank the top ten most expensive players at the moment in the MUT auction house.

Top 10 most expensive players on Madden Ultimate Team 

Madden 22 Madden Ultimate Team Tyreek Hill Core Elite
Cheetah has become the grand prize in the auction house days before the official release of Madden 22. (Picture: EA Sports)

If this is your first Ultimate Team rodeo you probably going to feel like you will never enjoy this game mode, but trust us this is normal as new items are released and the prices settle.

As of right now, with the demand created by the gamers that have played the game so far before the official release on 20th August the most expensive players go as follow:

1. 277,000 MUT Coins

WR Tyreek Hill - Kansas City Chiefs - Core elite 87 OVR

2. 251,000 MUT Coins

RE Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams - Core elite 88 OVR

3. 200,000 MUT Coins

CB Jalen Ramsey - Los Angeles Rams - Core elite 88 OVR

4. 197,000 MUT Coins

HB Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans - Core elite 88 OVR

5. 151,000 MUT Coins

LOLB T.J. Watt - Pittsburgh Steelers - Core elite 87 OVR

6. 135,000 MUT Coins

RE Myles Garrett - Cleveland Browns - Core elite 87 OVR

7. 113,000 MUT Coins

WR Devante Adams - Green Bay Packers - Core elite 88 OVR

8. 90,100 MUT Coins

TE Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs - Core elite 88 OVR

9. 86,000 MUT Coins

CB Stephon Gilmore - New England Patriots - Core elite 86 OVR

10. 80,800 MUT Coins

QB Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs - Core elite 88 OVR

This is probably going to change in the next few days as the people that pre-ordered the MVP or Dynasty edition will have early access to the game on the 17th, but it helps us to get an idea of how the items will be prices upon their release.


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