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Best plays in Madden 24 and which playbooks have them

Get ready to dominate with easy touchdowns by mastering the best plays in Madden 24.
Best plays in Madden 24 and which playbooks have them

Every year brings playbook updates and new ways to score, and the best plays in Madden 24 are already starting to emerge. From some reliably powerful plays of recent years to newer additions with the latest playbooks, there are some that stand above the rest.

While the most elite competive players will work to find efficient and creative ways to counter the best plays in Madden 24, these are reliable options against many opponents both offline and online. Whether you're looking to step things up a notch on higher difficulties or just wanna rack those points up as quickly as possible, the best plays in Madden 24 will help you get there.

Best Plays in Madden 24


If you really wanna make things easy in Madden 24, you can always crank the gameplay sliders to the extreme, turn the difficulty down low, and walk yourself into the endzone drive after drive. However, some players may want to push themselves online or find creative ways to tackle higher difficulties in Franchise or Superstar Mode.

One of the prime ways to do that is knowing how and when to execute the best plays in Madden 24, because these potentially overpowered options are gamechangers. While one of the plays we'll cover below is prepped and ready right out of the gate, most of them will require some pre-play adjustments.

If you're not familiar with the Madden 24 controls, you'll need to use the right stick or R3 to active pre-play offense options. From there, you'll be able to adjust hot routes for specific receivers, and this is where a lot of the potential in some of the best plays will come from.

Y Out - Gun Tight Offset TE


Our first option is exclusive to the New York Jets playbook, which just so happens to be our pick for the best offensive playbook in Madden 24. While the Jets playbook has several strong plays, including two others we'll cover below, Y Out in the Tight Offset TE formation is a diamond that can only be found via this playbook.

Most of the time, you'll want to use hot routes to set your running back (RB / R1 Receiver) to Pass Block and setup your tight end (A / X Receiver) on a Drag route. Which receiver gets open will vary by coverage, but someone will almost always have an opening. If you're in the unique situation of tackling a zone defense using Cover 3, make sure you're on the left hash for the play and instead set the tight end to a Streak route for some massive yardage.

Verticals - Gun Trips TE


Next up, we have the only play in this group that doesn't need a single adjustment. That's right, no hot route changes are needed at all before you step back into the pocket. However, there is a way to improve your odds with this play that will be good to keep in mind. To find Verticals in Gun Trips TE you'll need to be using the Bills, Packers, Patriots, Steelers, or Run n Gun playbooks.

Whenever possible, make sure you've got the ball spotted on the right hash mark and your trio of receivers is on the wide side of the field. The best way to do this if you're stuck on the opposite side would be to execute a running play to the right side of the field. Which receiver gets open will depend on which defensive play you're up against, but go through your reads as at least one could have the potential for an easy 20+ yard play.

PA Boot Over - Gun Bunch TE


Another consistent favorite through the years is PA Boot Over from the Gun Bunch TE formation located in the Lions, Packers, Jets, Vikings, and Run Heavy playbooks in Madden 24. If you're up against zone defense in Cover 3, aim for a one-play touchdown by setting your tight end (A / X Receiver) to Pass Block and the middle left wideout (Y / Triangle receiver) to a Streak route and then double tap RT / R2 after the snap to ensure the you don't hand the ball off for Play Action.

If you're up against Cover 2 or Cover 3 in zone defense, you can also adjust by leaving your wideouts with their regular routes but using hot routes to put the tight end (A / X Receiver) into a Streak route. Finally, for man defense you'll also put the tight end on a Streak route but then put the far left wideout (X / Square Receiver) on a Zig route.

Verticals - Gun Bunch / Verts HB Under - Gun Bunch Offset

Madden_NFL_24_2023-09-06_11-25-14.png (1

Verticals can also be pretty deadly from the Gun Bunch or Gun Bunch Offset formations. This is a unique one, as the adjustment makes two versions of this play equally viable. If you're using the Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Browns, Raiders, Jets, Titans, Spread, or West Coast offensive playbooks, find Verticals under Gun Bunch. If you're using the Bengals, Colts, Rams, or Eagles playbooks, look for Verts HB Under in Gun Bunch Offset.

In either case, you'll mainly be putting your running back (Y / Triangle Receiver) on either a Wheel route, Out route, or set to Pass Block. All of these are viable options depending on the defense you're up against and when seeking some variety. Go through your reads, and this can be an easy touchdown against any zone defense.

Double Post - Gun Bunch Offset


Finally, we have a relatively exclusive option as the Double Post play from the Gun Bunch Offset formation is only found in the Colts and Eagles playbooks. If you're keeping an eye on playbook availability, that brings the Eagles in just behind the Jets for having the most plays from this list in their playbook.

For Double Post, make sure you're on the left hash and start by setting your mid-right (RB / R1 Receiver) to a streak route and then the far-left (X / Square Receiver) to a Comeback route.This will usually leave the far-right (B / Circle Receiver) wide open against a Cover 3 zone defense. Alternatively, a more universal option will only require you to set the mid-right (RB / R1 Receiver) to a Drag route before following your reads for a big gain.