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When will Madden 24 be on Xbox Game Pass?

While Madden 24 is already available worldwide for Early Access, some players are looking to wait until the game joins Xbox Game Pass via EA Play.
When will Madden 24 be on Xbox Game Pass?

The wait is finally over as Madden 24 has now launched worldwide on all platforms for Early Access, but some players are already eyeing when they can play the game without shelling out any extra money. While the EA Play List is technically a separate library, all the titles among it are included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library.

If you'd rather hop into the action today, players can still purchase the Madden 24 Deluxe Edition and score Early Access to hit the virtual gridiron right away. If you're planning to purchase the Madden 24 Standard Edition, that version will be playable starting on August 18.

When will Madden 24 be on Xbox Game Pass?


If you were hoping to dive into Madden 24 throughout the NFL season, then Xbox Game Pass sadly won't be able to help. Despite now being available worldwide, Madden 24 is not yet included on EA Play as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library.

EA Sports tends to hold off on confirming when their new releases will hit EA Play for some time, but the last several years have established a reliable pattern. Like clockwork, all major EA Sports titles like FIFA 23, NHL 23, and Madden 23 last year, tend to hit EA Play and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library a full six months after release.

Madden 23 didn't arrive on Xbox Game Pass until February 9, 2023, which is right in line with expectations after the title was released on August 19, 2022. Madden 24 has similar timing this year with a worldwide release date of August 18, 2023 following an Early Access launch on August 15, 2023.

The other big factor likely influencing when Madden 24 will be on Xbox Game Pass is the timing of the Super Bowl, as Madden 23 hit the EA Play library the Thursday before this year's Super Bowl. With all this in mind, Madden 24 will likely arrive on Xbox Game Pass close to Thursday, February 8, 2024.