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Madden 24 TOTW 2: Predictions, Release Time, Rating Upgrades

Which NFL players will land on the next Madden 24 TOTW squad in Ultimate Team? Check the release time and find out our latest predictions.
Madden 24 TOTW 2: Predictions, Release Time, Rating Upgrades
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The NFL season is finally underway and that means we can start wildly debating which players should make it into the regular Madden 24 Team of the Week (TOTW) squad after each weekend of action.

For those who don't know, the Madden 24 TOTW squad is a way for the developers to celebrate players' real-life NFL performances with new upgraded versions of their Ultimate Team cards. It's also a particularly handy way for Ultimate Team players to upgrade their squads on a regular basis with a few one-of-a-kind cards.

For those of you wanting to know who might be featured in the next TOTW squad, as well as the release time for TOTW and a full list of what players are available right now, then read on!

20 September 2023 - Page updated with the latest news and predictions.

Madden 24 TOTW 2 Predictions

As anyone knows the players included in each Madden 24 Team of the Week squad are picked based on their real-world performances. Naturally, any predictions are just that, predictions. They're based on a gut feeling from the standout performers week to week.

Just below we'll try to keep you updated on our personal predictions for the next TOTW squad based on the games that take place every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Hopefully, some of our personal guesses are on the money, but only time will tell.

For now, here's a look at who we think should be included this week, along with a few stats to back up our predictions:

Update - Well, we got one of our predictions correct for Week 2.

Kirk Cousins QB Minnesota Vikings
  • 364 Passing Yards
  • 4 Touchdown Passes
D'ande Swift RB Philadelphia Eagles
  • 175 Rushing Yards
  • 1 Touchdown
T.J. Hockenson TE Minnesota Vikings
  • 66 Recorded Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns
Keenan Allen WR LA Chargers
  • 111 Receiving Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns
Puka Nacua WR LA Rams
  • 111 Receiving Yards
Raheem Mostert RB Miami Dolphins
  • 121 Rushing Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns
Brandon Aubrey K Dallas Cowboys
  • 5 Field Goals
  • Including a 55-yarder!
Jerome Ford RB Cleveland Browns
  • 106 Rushing Yards
  • 25 Receiving Yards
  • 1 Touchdown
  • 1 2pt conversion

Madden 24 TOTW 2 Release Time

What time does the Team of the Week come out in Madden 24? That might sound like a somewhat silly question, but EA are actually changing things up a bit for Madden 24 compared to recent years.

As confirmed on Good Morning Madden, the TOTW players will no longer be released every Tuesday, but instead on Wednesdays at 1:30PM EST / 6:30PM GMT. The reveals for every Madden 24 TOTW drop will take place just ahead of that release on Good Morning Madden at 10:30am ET on Wednesday mornings via the EA Madden NFL Twitch channel.

In many ways this is great news as it means we should see a few more players from Monday Night Football featuring in the weekly TOTW Squad. If you want to know when the next TOTW squad is set to release, check out the countdown timer below: 

When Does The Next Madden 24 TOTW Release

Madden 24 TOTW 2 Players List

Each Madden 24 TOTW drop is expected to include approximately 10 players including two LTDs.  While some weeks we could see a few players chosen as nods to prolific weekly performances of the past, the majority of every MUT 24 TOTW squad will be based on real-world NFL standouts each week this season.

TOTW 2 Players

  • 88 D'Andre Swift - HB - Philldelphia Eagles
    • Limited Edition
  • 88 Chris Jones - DT - Kansas City Chiefs
    • Limited Edition
  • 88 Mike Evans - WR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Offensive Player of the Week
  • 88 Tre Brown - CB - Seattle Seahawks
    • Defensive Player of the Week
  • 85 Sam Howell - QB - Washington Commanders
  • 85 Jason Pinnock - FS - New York Giants
  • 81 Raheem Mostert - HB - Miami Dolphins
  • 81 Isaiah Oliver - CB - San Francisco 49ers
  • 79 Skyy Moore - WR - Kansas City Chiefs
  • 79 Terrel Bernard - LOLB - Buffalo Bills
Madden 24 TOTW 2 Mike Evans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Mike Evans is your TOTW 2 Offensive Player of the Week

Past Madden 24 TOTW Players + Sets

Just below we'll keep track of past TOTW players in the event you want to have a look back.

Madden 24 TOTW 1 Players + Sets

TOTW 1 Players

  • 88 Kyler Murray - QB - Cardinals
    • Limited Edition (LTD)
  • 88 Jessie Bates III - FS - Falcons, Bengals
    • Limited Edition (LTD)
  • 88 Tyreek Hill - WR - Dolphins, Chiefs
    • Offensive Player of the Week
  • 88 DaRon Bland - CB - Cowboys
    • Defensive Player of the Week
  • 85 Tyson Campbell - CB - Jaguars
  • 85 Brandon Aiyuk - WR - 49ers
  • 81 Brian Branch - SS - Lions
  • 81 Tyler Allgeier - HB - Falcons
  • 79 Quay Walker - MLB - Packers
  • 79 Kyren Williams - HB - Rams
Madden 24 TOTW Tyreek Hill
The Cheetah is your TOTW 1 Offensive Player of the Week

TOTW 1 Sets

  • 88 OVR TOTW Champion Set - Exchange 4x 85 OVR TOTW Players and 6x 81 OVR TOTW Players to receive 1x 88 OVR TOTW Champion.
  • 85 OVR TOTW Hero - Exchange 8x 81 OVR TOTW Players to receive 1x 85 OVR TOTW Hero.
  • 81 OVR TOTW Elite Fantasy Pack - Exchange 3x 79 OVR TOTW Players to receive 1x 81 OVR TOTW Elite Fantasy Pack containing your choice of 1x 81 OVR TOTW Elite Player.
  • 79 OVR TOTW Gold Fantasy Pack - Exchange 2x 76 OVR Players and 6x 74 OVR Players to receive 1x 79 OVR TOTW Gold Fantasy Pack containing your choice of 1x 79 OVR TOTW Gold Player.
Madden 24 TOTW Pre-Season Players
  • Tycen Anderson (SS) - 81 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Bryce Huff (LE) - 81 OVR - New York Jets
  • Steven Gilmore (CB) - 81 OVR - Detroit Lions
  • Ronnie Bell (WR) - 81 OVR - San Francisco 49ers
  • Daniel Carlson (K) - 85 OVR - Las Vegas Raiders
  • Albert Okwuegbunam (TE) - 85 OVR - Denver Broncos
  • Caleb Murphy (LOLB) - 85 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Will Grier (QB) - 85 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Niko Lalos (RE) - 88 OVR - New Orleans Saints
  • Rashee Rice (WR) - 88 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Ronnie Hickman (SS) - 88 OVR - Cleveland Browns
  • Emanuel Wilson (HB) - 88 OVR - Green Bay Packers
  • Essang Bassey (CB) - 88 OVR - Denver Broncos
  • Ihmir Smith-Marsette (WR) - 88 OVR - Carolina Panthers

How to Unlock TOTW Cards in MUT 24


Like any new cards in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, your path to unlocking them can vary. One option for players is always to head to the marketplace to buy the cards outright if you have enough in-game currency, but prices for new arrivals tend to be inflated.

You'll need a bit of luck with the grind as some of the TOTW cards are primarily going to be found in new MUT 24 packs but could also be tied to weekly challenges and program tasks. To get the best Madden 24 TOTW cards you'll have to take the lower-tier cards you've unlocked and complete sets, and stronger cards always have more extensive requirements.