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New Features You Might Have Missed in the Madden 25 Trailer

EA Sports slipped in several glimpses at new features in the minute long Madden 25 reveal trailer.
New Features You Might Have Missed in the Madden 25 Trailer
EA Sports

With the road to release rolling on, the Madden 25 reveal trailer was the best look players have gotten so far at some of this year's new features in action. There's plenty more to come, but they've already given split second looks at a few of the latest upgrades. Let's take a look at the new features that could've slipped by you while watching the Madden 25 trailer.

New Madden 25 Playbooks & Plays

Screenshot _47583_

We only got to see one set of plays, but this little bit already tips off some fun additions. EA Sports College Football 25 majorly overhauled playbooks to account for popular college formations, and it's likely some of those are working their way into Madden 25. You also might want to take note of the "Tempo" button which could make a big impact.

New Kickoff Formation

Screenshot _47584_

Kickoffs are changing in the NFL, and that means Madden 25 is following suit. You can spot the new "Landing Zone" in bright red, as the new rules make two changes with that area in mind. The kicker can't cross the 50-yard line and other kicking team players can't move until the ball hits the ground or a player in the landing zone or end zone. We'll have to see how it feels once the game arrives, but you can find the full kickoff rules change here.

Hot Route & Pre-Play Stem Upgrades

Screenshot _47587_

The pre-play hot route system is already a favorite among competetive players and those looking to confuse defenses with minor adjustments and meta plays, but it's getting some alterations. Players should now have more control, including pre-play changes to stems for some routes. In the bottom right, you'll also notice some warnings about which defensive players could become a problem.

Defensive Coverage Shell Changes

Screenshot _47593_

Speaking of defense, we got the tiniest look at some upgrades on that side of the ball. Coverage shell changes could make altering your coverage on the fly more powerful, and they've briefly shown the new defensive Switch Stick which should allow you to swap to key defenders on the fly during a play. We should get even more infromation about each of these upgrades in the coming weeks, but Madden 25 is looking very promising so far.