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Madden 23 Redeem Codes - September 2022

Here's a list of all active and available codes in Madden 23 as of today.
Madden 23 Redeem Codes - September 2022

Football season is officially upon us after the release of Madden 23 went live on 19th August 2022. This year's title marks the first game in the series since the death of the legend, John Madden, and there's no doubt EA Sports is aiming to honor the man who gave us this great franchise.

On top of the typical attractions to a new Madden title, like the latest rookie class and offseason roster activity, this year's game provides a re-worked Franchise mode for players to enjoy. Ultimate Team will surely attract a massive crowd as per usual, with a slew of new cards to unlock. If you're looking for an early boost to get your Madden 23 season up and running, follow along with our list below of all active codes in Madden 23 as of today.

Madden 23 Redeem Codes

Madden 23 All Active Codes
Madden 23 codes can provide you with crucial in-game rewards. (Picture: EA Sports)

At the time of writing, there have not been any codes released for Madden 23 in-game boosts and rewards. Though with the game being such a fresh release, fans shouldn't have to wait long for free rewards.

We'll be sure to update this page and provide you with all the latest codes as they become available.

Free Madden 23 Codes

In a release promotion, one of the most electric players in the entire NFL and Madden athlete/ambassador Tyreek Hill aka "Cheetah" tweeted out a list of codes for a free copy of Madden 23. Judging from the replies, it looks like these copies for Xbox and PlayStation were snatched up within a matter of seconds.

Don't worry if you missed out on some of the previous Madden 23 free unlock codes. EA Sports is providing a chance for players to unlock a free copy of Madden 23 by simply entering a giveaway. Head over to the EA Sports Madden 23 Giveaway website and enter each of the available giveaways for your chance to win a free copy of the title.

EA Sports Madden 23 John Madden cover
Enjoy all the action coming your way in Madden 23. (Picture: EA Sports)

That's everything you need to know about Madden 23 codes.

Make sure to check out the rest of our Madden section for all the best game guides, roster update information, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.