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Marvel Rivals Dev Issues Apology For "Restrictive" Content Creator Contract

NetEase Games issued an apology after a screenshot of their Content Creator contract requested them to not negatively review Marvel Rivals.
Marvel Rivals Dev Issues Apology For "Restrictive" Content Creator Contract
(Picture: NetEase Games & Marvel Games)

Marvel Rivals' ongoing Closed Alpha Test has seen mostly positive reviews posted online by participating players. While a large group of players are still looking to gain access to the Alpha before it ends on 20th May 2024, the game has also been marred by controversy, as a Content Creator contract circulated online over the weekend.

The superhero team-based PVP shooter has invited multiple content creators to the Closed Alpha Test for a preview; however, a Twitch streamer revealed a clause in the Content Creator contract that prevents any negative reviews of the upcoming game. This creator contract has seen developer NetEase Games come under fire for this "non-disparagement" clause, as the developer issued an apology and will be making changes soon.

Twitch streamer Brandon "A_Seagull" Larned shared the "non-disparagement" clause from the Content Creator contract on his Twitter account on 12th May 2024 before it gained traction amongst the community. According to the screenshot he shared, any creator who has signed the contract for access keys to the Alpha test has agreed not to "make any public statements or engage in discussions that are detrimental to the reputation of the game."

This includes making sarcastic commentary on any "game-related material" and "providing subjective negative reviews of the game." Larned criticized this creator contract, expressing his disappointment as signing it means they're signing "away" their right "to negatively review the game."

This was further supported when Second Wind co-founder Sebastian Ruiz shared a screenshot of some of the "disparaging phrases," including "Bootleg Overwatch," "Mid AF," and "Even Paladins is better than this trash" sparking much conversation surrounding the creator contract online. NetEase stated on the official Marvel Rivals Twitter account on 13th May 2024, apologizing for the "confusion, suspicion, and frustration caused by these excessively restrictive terms."

The Content Creator Program is a small-scale project that aims to aid in the production of incredible content by supporting Creators through giving them more resources. We actively encourage Creators to share their honest thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms as they play. All feedback, positive and negative, ultimately helps us craft the best experience for ourselves and the players.

As of this writing, the developer is working with the content creators who've openly criticized this contract and will revise it to be "more Creator-friendly." The developer has promised that this creator contract will be "less restrictive" as they look to continue having open communication with their player base and content creators moving forward.