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Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Confirmed Game Modes

With the Closed Alpha Test teased in the Announce Trailer, five game modes for the upcoming testing period were confirmed for Marvel Rivals.
Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Confirmed Game Modes
(Picture: NetEase Games & Marvel Games)

When NetEase and Marvel Games announced their latest collaboration, Marvel Rivals, players have been clamoring to learn more about this upcoming superhero team-based PVP shooter. The Closed Alpha Test for PC is set to begin in May 2024, and the developer revealed the game modes, events, and a tournament that will start concurrently with the testing period.

As of writing, there's little information on the game modes that will be available as we're days away from the Closed Alpha Test. We've provided all the information in this guide on the game modes players can experience during the Closed Alpha Test for Marvel Rivals.

All The Game Modes For The Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test

Following the announcement of Marvel Rivals in March 2024, thousands of players have been awaiting further confirmation on when the Closed Alpha Test will commence. Recently, the developer revealed new information, including game modes, events, and more for the upcoming Closed Alpha Test, which is confirmed to start on 10th May 2024.

According to the official blog post, at the start of the Closed Alpha Test, Marvel Rivals will have five unique game modes for players to enjoy. While not much information was provided to explain each game mode further, the developer has given a straightforward explanation for each game mode for now.

  • Competitive: Battle and climb through the game's ranking system in "thrilling and intense" matches.
  • Custom: Customize their matches using various filters, settings, and more to play with or against friends and other players.
  • Pocket Universe: Jump into a battle and spawn at a randomized location before defeating as many waves of enemies as possible.
  • Quick Match: If they don't have time for long and intense matches, jump into a quick game by choosing their favorite hero to complete all mission objectives.
  • Tutorial: If they want to learn the basics of Marvel Rivals, engage in this epic tutorial with resident host Galacta and master their hero's combat abilities.

In addition to these game modes that will be available for the Closed Alpha Test, the developer also announced a 6v6 tournament, the Dawn of Legends. Players can sign up for this legendary tournament, with registration happening between the 10th and 13th of May 2024 and Qualifiers beginning between the 14th and 16th of May 2024.

The Dawn of Legends tournament winners will claim the $22,500 cash prize, and the top 32 teams will earn themselves the Dawn of Legends title. Lastly, if players wish to tune into the tournament and catch the intense battle action live, it will be broadcast live on the official Marvel Rivals Twitch channel.