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Marvel Studios Had Daredevil & She-Hulk Hook Up In New Episode

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode 8 had the internet talking about Daredevil's "smashing" appearance from the courtroom to the streets of Los Angeles, but why?
Marvel Studios Had Daredevil & She-Hulk Hook Up In New Episode

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law's penultimate episode hilariously introduced audiences to Eugene Patilio/Leap Frog and his "tadpoles" or "hench-goons," according to Jennifer Walters. However, more importantly, a long-awaited and highly anticipated appearance by the Devil of Hell's Kitchen himself, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, sent the internet into a total meltdown.

Murdock's appearance in She-Hulk marks the second MCU project, following 2021's Spider-Man: No Way Home, still proving that he's "a very good lawyer" as he assisted Peter Parker/Spider-Man with his legal troubles. Once again, he came to the defense of another character, Luke Jacobson, requiring his legal expertise to squash a case against him for allegedly manufacturing faulty equipment.

Did She-Hulk And Daredevil Get Together In Episode 8?

Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk certainly met her match in the courtroom; despite her best efforts to get Jacobson to disclose his client list (even though Murdock is on that list following episode 5), the judge ruled in favor of Murdock before the final blow. Patilio deliberately went against Jacobson's instructions not to use jet fuel in his boosters, handing Jen a crushing loss.

she hulk attorney at law episode 8 matt murdock courtroom appearance
Matt Murdock made his presence felt in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode 8 by representing Luke Jacobson. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

As Jen drowns her sorrows at the bar alone, Matt buys her a drink before casually informing her that Jacobson designed him a few suits (and we don't know why she ignored this detail). He further explained that while "they" do primarily "pro bono" work from Hell's Kitchen, he does take on a big client to keep the lights on.

As Matt gets a phone call and Jen has to meet up with Todd, who needs legal help regarding acquiring a Vibranium war spear from Wakanda, the pair subsequently depart the bar separately. When Jen calls it a night, she receives a distressing phone call from Patilio, who someone is chasing, and that someone is Daredevil. 

she hulk attorney at law episode 8 jennifer walters matt murdock bar legal ease
Jen and Matt had a friendly exchange at the bar following their courtroom battle. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Jen is sporting her near comic-book-accurate She-Hulk suit and hunts down the yellow and red-clad figure who quickly evades her at every turn while she destroys a parking lot. A Hulk thunderclap was needed to neutralize him before pulling the cowl to reveal Matt Murdock behind it.

Surprised at the revelation, he assures Jen that he's indeed blind but has heightened senses, including a "special method" that helps him "see" akin to echolocation. He also revealed that Patilio is the villain, having kidnapped Jacobson, and the pair head off to his lair, marked by the "Lily Pad" neon but not before the next QR code appears.

she hulk attorney at law episode 8 daredevil reveal matt murdock
At least She-Hulk knows who's been chasing Eugene Patilio/Leap Frog. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Before heading inside the warehouse, he explains to Jen the plan, which involves him identifying 25 henchmen he'll pick off one by one. While Jen's curious about how he knows this, Matt reveals that he can hear "heartbeats," including hers, which start to beat faster before she laughs off his claim. 

He then begins to take down the henchmen in an epic yet famous Daredevil hallway sequence; Jen She-Hulk smashes her way inside as they approach Patilio. She-Hulk frees Jacobson and tries to reason with Patilio; Matt takes down the remaining henchmen, even stating that he's "a big fan of legal dramas" before Patilio "ribbit and ripit" out through a window, breaking his legs. 

Saddened to learn that he's leaving for New York in the morning, he suggests they can grab dinner together the next time he's in Los Angeles. Jen has other plans that avoid dinner altogether, ending her night by bringing Matt to her apartment before he does the "walk of shame" the following day in the Daredevil suit.

The episode does a fantastic job of portraying Matt Murdock, the lawyer from Hell's Kitchen, by showcasing his legal prowess against Jen, his quickfire wits, and highlighting his charming personality. As Daredevil, we saw a variation of his yellow comic book suit, which still resembles the blood-red suit from the Netflix series.

she hulk attorney at law episode 8 matt murdock walk of shame
Audiences were surprised to see Matt and Jen hook up, leading to a surprising "Walk of Shame" in the Daredevil suit. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

While many debated online whether Matt should be cracking jokes, which he does from time to time in the Netflix series, it was well-suited for the tone of the She-Hulk series. Even with audio cues as the Daredevil Netflix theme song momentarily played when he informs Jen of his secret identity, it was brilliant that Marvel Studios chose not wholly ignore the Netflix series while pleasing the audience.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law premiered on Disney+ on 18th August 2022, with new episodes streaming every Thursday at 12 am PT / 3 am ET.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios.