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Marvel Studios' Armor Wars To Be Redeveloped As Feature Film

Another shake-up at Marvel Studios sees the Armor Wars series redeveloped as a feature film, retaining its lead star and head writer.
Marvel Studios' Armor Wars To Be Redeveloped As Feature Film

Following its absence in Marvel Studios' Hall H presentation during the San Diego Comic-Con in August 2022, Armor Wars remerged at the D23 Expo early this month. The project was announced during Marvel Studios' Disney's Investors Day presentation; however, not much has been known about the project.

Originally intended to be released as a series for Disney+, Armor Wars is now being redeveloped as a feature film. First reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios confirmed this latest shake-up in a blog post with Don Cheadle's Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine still on board as its lead.

Marvel's Armor Wars To Release As Film, Not Disney+ Show

According to the production studio, during the series' development, "it was decided that the story being told was better suited for a feature film, rather than a Disney+ series."

Furthermore, with Cheadle firmly in place, the project's head writer Yassir Lester will also remain its lead writer, with Marvel Studios looking at 2023 to begin production.

marvel studios armor wars redevlopment disney plus series feature film d23 expo
Armor Wars star Don Cheadle with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on stage at D23 Expo discussing Armor Wars. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

In addition to the change in development, it's yet to be confirmed if the feature film will form part of Phase 5, which includes Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania, Thunderbolts, and Daredevil: Born Again, or with Phase 6 alongside the Fantastic Four and the two Avengers films.

However, what is confirmed is that the premise involves Tony Stark's technology falling into dangerous hands and will showcase multiple armor variations.

The premise is borrowed from Marvel's Armor Wars comic series, which ran from 1987 to 1988 and was penned by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with artwork produced by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith.

During the seven-issue series, Stark discovers that Justin Hammer has sold his technology to multiple villains; he has to decide whether to track every piece of tech for reacquisition or destroy them all.

marvel studios armor wars redevlopment disney plus series feature film justin hammer iron man 2
As Justin Hammer played a pivotal role during its comic book run, could we see the character back for the Armor Wars film? (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Suppose the feature film included various plotlines, events, and themes depicted during the comic series. In that case, MCU fans could see the return of Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer, who was first introduced and last seen in Iron Man 2.

The feature film was also reportedly tied in with the Ironheart series for Disney+, so there may be a chance for Riri Williams to appear. But, until then, audiences can catch up with "Rhodey" much sooner as he's expected to appear in the upcoming series, Secret Invasion, arriving sometime in 2023.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios.