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EA Motive’s Iron Man Game Adds Fantastic Four Writer To The Team

A current Fantastic Four comics writer announced their involvement with the upcoming Iron Man game, teasing how “amazing” the game will be.
EA Motive’s Iron Man Game Adds Fantastic Four Writer To The Team
Fantastic Four comic writer Ryan North announced he has joined the writing team for the Iron Man video game for EA and Motive Studio. (Picture: Motive Studio & Marvel Entertainment)

Developer Motive Studio and publisher Electronic Arts have been working tirelessly on their upcoming collaboration for Marvel Games, the announced Iron Man game. The announcement was made in September 2022 and is currently in pre-production, as the studio had previously wrapped up the Dead Space Remake in January 2023.

The upcoming action-adventure game has had a few updates over the last few months; however, most recently, one update came from personnel working closely on the project. Announced on social media, current Fantastic Four comics writer Ryan North revealed that he's working on the game with Motive and EA, expressing his excitement for the project.

EA Motive's Iron Man project has been tight-lipped since its official announcement during the D23 celebrations last September. The studio confirmed some details over the previous few months, including developing the game using Unreal Engine 5 instead of Frostbite in a Developer update from Motive's General manager, Patrick Klaus.

iron man video game news marvel comics writer fantastic four joins writing team ryan north
Fantastic Four comics writer Ryan North announced on social media that he's joined the writing team for the upcoming Iron Man video game. (Picture: Motive Studio / Electronic Arts)

Now, it can add a current Marvel Comics writer joining the development, which was announced by Fantastic Four comics writer Ryan North. In a post on Twitter, North revealed how "stoked" he is that he's joining the writing team for the Iron Man game, adding, "It's no secret that I love Iron Man and have written my heart out for Tony Stark every chance I've had."

North has been considered a fan-favorite among Marvel Comics audience for his incredible penmanship on multiple comic runs, including Squirrel Girl, the Inhumans, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four. North joins Ashley Cooper, who had previously worked on Gotham Knights and announced their involvement in the project in May 2023.

The recent announcement confirms the studio's development process, which involves a "Community Council" consisting "of Iron Man and Marvel fans." As Klaus commented in the aforementioned Developer update, "We are so grateful to do what we do, in a field we all love, and for the trust given to us by EA, by our amazing collaborators at Marvel Games and, of course, by our players. We are ultra-focused and motivated."