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How To Solve The Corrupt Well Mystery In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Hunter must use the power of the Elder Gods to solve the Mystery of the Corrupt Well. Here's how to solve it in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.
How To Solve The Corrupt Well Mystery In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Abbey may serve as the residence for the Midnight Suns, but it also holds various Mysteries and puzzles to be found on its grounds. While they add more context to the lore surrounding The Hunter, Lilith, and the Midnight Suns, they also provide insight into the history of The Abbey.

The Corrupt Well is another Mystery to find somewhere on The Abbey Grounds, as solving it requires The Hunter to utilize the power of the Elder Gods. This guide details where to find this Mystery and how to solve it in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

How To Find The Corrupt Well Mystery In Midnight Suns?

The Corrupt Well is one of many Mysteries you can solve around the Abbey grounds, like the Faery Rings and Hiram Shaw’s Church. Accordingly, solving this Mystery requires you to locate where to find and begin this Mystery which you’ll need to go to the Garden of Envy area.

You can begin locating the Mystery from the Everflowing Glade location and head in a western direction or start from the starting (and closest) location point at Lilith’s Garden. The latter’s location is on the northwest side of the map.

marvels midnight suns mysteries guide corrupt well map location liliths garden garden of envy
You'll need to find the Corrupt Well Mystery hidden somewhere in the Garden of Envy. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Moving away from Lilith’s Garden, head down the narrow, dimly lit path past the stoned coliseum on the right side as you continue moving up the stairs. Once at the top, the torches will be burning red, and you’ll need to make the first left turn, where you’ll find a broken bridge.

Not far from the bridge is a Word of Power stone marker behind some trees, which will inform you which Word of Power to use. Use the Reveal Word of Power to fix the broken bridge and unlock the Corrupt Well Mystery.

How To Solve The Corrupt Well Mystery In Midnight Suns?

marvels midnight suns mysteries guide corrupt well unlock elder god hyppus shrine
The Corrupt Well is found at the shrine of Elder God Hyppus in the Garden of Envy. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Once you’ve located the Corrupt Well, you’ll need to solve this Mystery which you can carefully cross the bridge to the well at Elder God Hyppus’ shrine. Covered in enchanted vines, you’ll need to remove the corruption plaguing the well, which a dialogue from The Hunter reveals was placed there by Chthon or at least connected to the Elder God, like Lilith.

To cleanse the well from its corruption, use the Purify Word of Power to lift the “dark influence” and restore the well. An Epic Arcane Chest will appear beside the well, which you can unlock using an Arcane Key to collect the rewards inside. Additionally, you’ll receive 45 Arcane Knowledge Points for locating and solving the Mystery and discovering the Arcane Chest. This also concludes the Corrupt Well Mystery, which the water should be “safe” to use at this well.

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