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How To Find & Solve Hiram Shaw's Church Puzzle In Marvel's Midnight Suns?

Marvel's Midnight Suns has its share of mysteries, as one involving Hiram Shaw is steeped in blood as we learn how to solve the Church puzzle.
How To Find & Solve Hiram Shaw's Church Puzzle In Marvel's Midnight Suns?

Marvel's Midnight Suns' exploration mechanic allows players to explore the Abbey grounds to uncover new items to collect, puzzles to solve, and mysteries to uncover. These can either enhance the Hunter's abilities or help with the main story progression as you learn the interconnected stories of Lilith, Caretaker, Agatha Harkness, and the Midnight Suns.

As you find journal pages belonging to Hiram Shaw, you learn of the bloodied history between Shaw and the Salem Witch Coven, which involved solving the mystery of his church. This guide details how to find his church and solve the puzzle by locating witch warrens and Stained Soil in Midnight Suns.

How To Find Hiram Shaw's Church In Midnight Suns?

To trigger this side quest, players must locate the church, which can be found north of the Standing Stones and Stone Terrace areas on the Abbey grounds. Use the main path from these locations and move north until you've reached the church.

Before beginning the side quest, you would need to acquire the "Open" and "Reveal" Words of Power, and if you haven't yet, we have previously detailed how to gain them by locating Blood Gates. If you have the Words of Powers mentioned above, proceed by heading inside the church, where you'll find Agatha Harkness, who will task you to explore the church grounds.

midnight suns quest guide hiram shaw church mystery puzzle open word of power
You'll need to have obtained the "Open" and "Reveal" Words of Power to progress with the Hiram Shaw Church quest. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K Games)

You can find plenty of items to pick up, but there's a door through which you can use the "Open" Word of Power which leads to a study room. Observe the notes on the desk using the "Reveal" Word of Power as they'll come in handy later in the quest, and use the "Open" Word of Power on the door behind the desk, which leads you to find a blocked route, enchanted by runic magic.

Speak with Agatha, who will advise you to speak with Doctor Strange, which you can find at the library before returning to the church. Unfortunately, this mission can only progress by reaching Level 12 and acquiring the Symbiote Vial at The Hellfire Forge before returning to the church to dispel the runic magic.

midnight suns quest guide hiram shaw church mystery puzzle blocked cave path runic magic doctor strange
To dispel the runic magic inside a cave at Hiram Shaw's Church requires the assistance of Doctor Strange. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

This leads to a cave, and you can explore the area to collect more items, including an Arcane Key. Head back to the study to inspect the drawings again to reveal the images depicting the witch warrens, for which you need to wait an entire day or complete a story mission for Agatha to appear at the library.

How To Find Stained Soil In Midnight Suns?

Using the drawings found at Hiram Shaw's church, you need to locate the witch warrens and collect samples of Stained Soil found at each warren. Below we've named the locations of where to find witch warrens on the Abbey grounds in Midnight Suns:

midnight suns quest guide hiram shaw church mystery puzzle witch warrens drawings
Inspect the drawings on the study desk using the "Reveal" Word of Power to uncover witch warrens and Stained Soil locations. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Standing Stones: Head left from the puzzle's center, following the narrow path before going right and then wrapping around a boulder to the left. Continue following the trail before reaching a small cave marked by a witchsign and head inside to collect a Stained Soil sample.

Dreamer's Descent: From the "Unknown Grave" site, go straight ahead from the fork in the pathway and head up the steps until you find an abandoned area where you'll find a Handmade Doll. Instead, turn left across the bridge to find another witchsign and the second Stained Soil sample.

Whispering Wood: The final location is at the end of a stream that runs past the Abbey, bordering the Whispering Wood, which you can find by crossing the Training Grounds at The Grotto. Once you've found the stream follow it going north until you spot a witchsign and the third Stained Soil sample not far from it.

midnight suns quest guide hiram shaw church mystery puzzle elemental altar seance agatha harkness
Meet with Agatha Harkness at the Elemental Altar as she performs a ritual to find the location of a Moon Seal. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Take the sample back to Agatha, who can be found at the library speaking with her; she'll explain how to use it. Meet her at the Elemental Altar, where she performs a ritual to learn of the location of a Moon Seal, the Hanging Tree.

How To Find The Hanging Tree & Solve Shaw's Church Puzzle In Midnight Suns?

After locating Hiram Shaw's church and obtaining Stained Soil samples, you need to find The Hanging Tree depicted in the final drawing. Head back to Shaw's Church, and from the entrance, make your way down the path before turning right and left to enter the domed-like structure where you can find The Hanging Tree.

midnight suns quest guide hiram shaw church mystery puzzle the hanging tree drawing
After summoning the spirits of the witches, they will unveil the location of the Moon Seal. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Use the "Reveal" Word of Power to trigger a cutscene in which a Moon Seal can be found, and Agatha informs you that the subsequent Trail of the Elder Gods awaits you. This concludes the Hiram Shaw Church quest in which using the Moon Seal can help you acquire the "Purify" Word of Power.

We want to thank the YouTube channel ZaFrostPet for their complete walkthrough of solving Hiram Shaw's Church puzzle in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.