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All Tarot Card Locations In Marvel's Midnight Suns

There are many collectibles on the Abbey Grounds, none more mysterious than the Tarot Cards. Here's how to find them in Midnight Suns.
All Tarot Card Locations In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Do you want to know how to find all Tarot Cards in Midnight Suns? Well, you're in the right place!

Tarot Cards are collectible items The Hunter can find inside The Abbey and hidden throughout the Abbey Grounds in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Finding them is done through exploration, so they are not awarded for completing missions, which should be a massive relief for players.

More specifically, there are 22 Tarot Cards to find and collect during your adventures on The Abbey Grounds. It's worth noting that you will need the Words of Power unlocked, as each card features a Marvel character. To help you out, we've detailed all locations of the Tarot Cards in Midnight Suns.

How To Find All Tarot Cards In Midnight Suns

marvels midnight suns collectibles guide tarot cards strength thor abbey chapel
The Strength Tarot Card will be the first one you can find in-game. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

As mentioned before, there are 22 Tarot Cards to be found in-game, and the first one many will find is located inside The Abbey. You can find the Strength Tarot Card at the Abbey Chapel south of the Abbey building, nearby a page from the Caretaker’s Journal and the Fire Elemental Rod.

Here are all the known locations where you can find the Tarot Cards in Midnight Suns:

  1. The Star (Nova): Located at the Hellfire Forge on a workbench on the eastern side of the room
  2. The Moon (Moon Knight): Can be found at the Hellfire Forge nearby a desk and bookshelf on the western side of the room
  3. The Sun (Johnny Storm/Human Torch): It can be located west of the first Blood Gate (north on The Abbey Grounds) by a pond.
  4. Justice (She-Hulk): Found at Agatha’s Altar location behind the Elemental Altar, which requires the Open Word of Power to destroy the stone barrier
  5. The Wheel of Fortune (Domino): Can also be located at Agatha’s Altar location, but east from the Justice Tarot Card, down a path where it rests atop a smaller altar.
  6. Death (Death): This card can be found at the southern point of Agatha’s Altar on a peninsula overlooking the area
  7. The Hermit (Namor): Within the Whispering Wood, which requires the Open Word of Power, this card is found beside a tree stump closeby to the Air Elemental Rod location
  8. Temperance (Cloak and Dagger): Not far from Agatha Harkness’ statue, go slightly east to find this card nearby some rocks
  9. Strength (Thor): At the Abbey Chapel, nearby a page from the Caretaker’s Journal and the Fire Elemental Rod
  10. The High Priestess (Jean Grey): From the Standing Stones puzzle, head northeast down a path to find the card hovering above a pillar
  11. The Hierophant (Professor X): At Hiram Shaw’s Church, use the Open Word of Power to destroy the door and enter the hidden room of the building before exiting out the back door. Go left from the exit to find a wheelbarrow and the card resting in the barrow.
  12. The Empress (Storm): Head northwest of the Valley of the Winds and locate the Old Salem Cemetry to find the card behind a gravesite
  13. The World (Uatu The Watcher): This card can be found at Agatha’s Cottage on a table next to the homestead
  14. The Lovers (Daredevil & Elektra): You’ll need to head to the Garden of Envy and find the cemetery, which you need the Open Word of Power, and in the far left corner is where the card can be found
  15. The Chariot (The Silver Surfer): Head inside the greenhouse at Lilith’s Garden and head out the exit on the right before crossing the bridge and using the Reveal Word of Power. The next Tarot Card is on the other side, in front of a Blood Gate.
  16. The Judgement (Galactus): From Lilith’s Garden, head south down the pathway and use the Break Word of Power to enter Misty Moors. From its entrance, go southwest to find a well, and the card hovers above it.
  17. The Tower (The Baxter Building): At the Dreamer’s Descent location, take the path beside the Unknown Grave before using the Break Word of Power and enter the space to find the card on top of a table.
  18. The Devil (Daimon Hellstrom): At Misty Moors, follow the path through the area to find a table on the left side with the Tarot Card found here.
  19. The Hanged Man (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier): Head out to Agatha’s Altar and from the Elemental Altar, find the broken bridge at the back, and use the Reveal Word of Power. Cross over and see the card atop a pillar near a Haven location.
  20. The Magician (Doctor Doom): Head to Dreamer’s Descent and make a quick right turn after entering the location and use the Break Word of Power to destroy the stone barrier. Head inside to locate this Tarot Card on a table, as the Disturbed Grave Mystery can be found here.
  21. The Fool (Deadpool): Head deep into Dreamer’s Descent by following the main route before taking a left turn under the bridge. Continue down this path, using the Break Word of Power, entering Gideon’s Cross, and finding the card by a constructed altar.
  22. The Emperor (T’Challa/Black Panther): From Gideon’s Cross, head north towards Everflowing Glade over the bridge and up the main path before making a right turn at the crossroads. Head down before making another right turn before the bridge, and at this junction, go left, and by a torch is this Tarot Card.

Collecting all the Tarot Cards will reward you with the Rare Salem Suit, equipped with a Passive Ability, Salem’s Savior. This ability allows the equipped character to get a 50% chance of drawing a card when they’ve knocked out one or more Lilin enemies.

We want to thank the YouTube channel ZaFrostPet for the complete walkthrough on locating all Tarot Cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Please consider subscribing to the channel for more content.