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Marvel's Midnight Suns Next Turn Effect: How It Works & How To Get

Give Storm the upper hand when engaging in combat by learning about the "Next Turn" status effect and how it works in Marvel's Midnight Suns.
Marvel's Midnight Suns Next Turn Effect: How It Works & How To Get

Ororo Munroe / Storm is the last post-launch character available for the tactical RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns in the "Blood Storm" DLC, as she brings her powerful weather manipulation abilities. As she fends off enemies using wind and lightning attacks, these extraordinary powers can further be enhanced with the game's new status effect, "Next Turn."

This status effect provides additional perks on top of the existing abilities on several of her Attack, Heroic, and Skill Cards, but how does it work when in combat? This guide explains everything about the "Next Turn" status effect, including how it works and how to apply it to cards in Midnight Suns.

What Is The Next Turn Status Effect In Midnight Suns?

The Next Turn is the latest status effect added to Midnight Suns through the "Blood Storm" DLC, available as a standalone purchase or included in the game's Season Pass and Legendary Edition. This status effect is only available on cards for the latest playable character, Storm, which can enhance her already powerful weather-attuned abilities.

marvels midnight suns mechanics guide next turn status effect how it work
The "Next Turn" status effect can boost many of Storm's wind and lightning abilities by granting them additional perks on the next turn of play. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K)

Playing any Storm card with the "Next Turn" status effect can make the ability of the next card more powerful once it's applied. In theory, this can increase the radius of various attacks, increase damage dealt or increase enemies for chained attacks.

The "Next Turn" status effect will be activated upon the start of your next turn should you hold onto the card for one complete turn. This forces you to strategize whether these cards are worth playing immediately or holding onto them until the right opportunity presents itself.

Nevertheless, certain cards have a more powerful effect if held onto late in a mission or you're waiting for the status effect to be applied, like Call the Lightning, Crushing Blow, and Overload. Call the Lightning and Overload increases the radius of the AoE, meaning you can damage more enemies; Crushing Blow further increases Offense damage, but it costs one more Heroism.

marvels midnight suns mechanics guide next turn status effect how to use strategize
Applying the "Next Turn" status effect will force you to strategize when using specific cards to maximize their effectiveness in combat. (Picture: Twitter / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

Having to strategize which cards to play during missions can mean that other desired Hero Cards won't be able to enter your hand, which can decide whether you'll win your encounter or have to miss a turn. Ultimately, this boils down to when you wish to play the card that applies this status effect or the risk of missing the chance of playing the winning card.

Applying the "Next Turn" stats effect can be done by playing the Goddess' Blessing card, an Epic Skill card that, once played, applies this status effect to all cards currently in your hand. Additionally, you'll draw two Storm cards after that, which this status effect will also be applied to, and it provides two Heroism once it's used.

If the card gets upgraded to Goddess' Blessing+ using a duplicate and Skill Essence, it increases the number of cards you draw to three while its action remains the same. As for which cards exactly refers to this status effect should it be granted, eight Storm cards can gain this status effect as we've listed them and their additional perks below:

  1. Arc (Attack): With the "Next Turn" status effect, more enemies can be linked in one chaining attack
  2. Gale Force (Attack): The "Quick" status effect is granted once the "Next Turn" status effect is applied
  3. Vortex (Attack): A Forceful Knockback is given once "Next Turn" is activated for this card
  4. Call the Lightning (Heroic): The "Next Turn" status effect increases the radius of the AoE
  5. Crushing Blow (Heroic): 100-150% Offensive damage is dealt at the cost of one more Heroism
  6. Hellstorm (Heroic): Increased Offense stat to all Storm cards while dealing 2-3 more cards and applying the Exhaust status effect to enemies.
  7. Goddess' Blessing (Skill): Let's you draw more cards on the next turn.
  8. Overload (Skill): The "Next Turn" status effect increases the radius of the AoE

Additionally, should you play three various Storm cards that have the "Next Turn" status effect applied, it unlocks a new in-game Achievement or Trophy. Meeting this requirement unlocks the "Patience, Young One" Achievement/Trophy, one of six Achievements/Trophies added to the game with the "Blood Storm" DLC.