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How To Find & Use The Offering Bowl In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Offering Bowl is one of the various objects found at the Abbey, and with no clue how it works. Here's how to find and use it in Midnight Suns.
How To Find & Use The Offering Bowl In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

During your adventures and explorations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Hunter has come to rely heavily on Agatha Harkness for her knowledge and, at times, advice in progressing with the main storyline. While Agatha does leave certain aspects to herself, leaving The Hunter to figure it out on her own, this applies to an ominous bowl found at her altar.

The Offering Bowl is one of the many artifacts that The Hunter will have to learn, and it requires some time to master it. Here’s how you can find and use the Offering Bowl in Midnight Suns.

How To Unlock The Offering Bowl In Midnight Suns?

The Offering Bowl is a unique game feature that can be utilized to exchange research artifacts for Arcane Keys. These keys can be useful as it unlocks Arcane Chests that can be found through your explorations of the Abbey grounds and receive various rewards.

To unlock the Offering Bowl requires you to find Agatha Harkness, which she can be found inside the Abbey Library but only during the nighttime. Interact with her in which she’ll inform you that should you visit her altar situated at the Agatha’s Altar region, you may find a bowl, and she’ll leave the rest for investigating.

midnight suns guide the offering bowl how to find agathas altar abbey grounds
Unfortunately, the Offering Bowl doesn't come with an Instruction Manual. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Travel to the Agatha’s Altar region, west of The Abbey, by taking the main trail upwards until you’ve reached the area’s entrance. From the steps by the Elemental Altar in the center of the area, look to the left and take the staircase leading you directly to the Offering Bowl.

How To Use The Offering Bowl In Midnight Suns?

After successfully locating the Offering Bowl at Agatha’s Altar, interact with the bowl, which you can view that items can be placed within the bowl. These items, specifically, are tied to items you’ll receive from quests and Research activities.

midnight suns guide the offering bowl how to use place items artifacts
Artifacts received from quests and research completed at the Hellfire Forge can be placed in the Offering Bowl for rewards. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

If you wish to use this Offering Bowl, this can only be done at night, ironically when you can meet up with Agatha. With an artifact in your possession, head to the Offering Bowl and interact with it to select the “Place Item” option and choose from the list of artifacts.

Once placed, nothing much happens, but according to various players, you’ll need to use the Words of Powers to trigger the offering for which you can receive an Arcane Key. While it doesn’t say which Word of Power to use, although the “Open” Word of Power seems to work in most cases; however some artifacts need one of the remaining Words of Power.

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