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How To Complete Spider-Man's Challenge Mission In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Spider-Man is swinging into combat in his Challenge Mission as we detail how to complete it to get a Legendary card in Marvel's Midnight Suns.
How To Complete Spider-Man's Challenge Mission In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Midnight Suns feature a roster of characters possessing unique magical abilities that can be unmatched by anyone who wishes to challenge them. So, it comes as a surprise when the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Peter Parker) aids the Suns in distracting Fallen Venom before helping him in his redemption arc.

Nevertheless, adding Spidey to the roster brings more variety to the team as you explore more about him and test his abilities in his Challenge Mission. We've detailed how to complete Spider-Man’s “Wall Crawler” Challenge Mission and acquire a new Legendary card and suit in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

How To Complete Spider-Man’s Wall Crawler Challenge Mission

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swings into action with his Challenge Mission, “Wall Crawler,” while calling the Abbey home temporarily. After encountering the Web-Slinger as the Sanctum Sanctorum becomes trapped before coming face-to-face with Fallen Venom, he lends a hand to the Midnight Suns, adding him to your growing roster.

marvels midnight suns missions guide challenge missions spider-man wall crawler reward rewards infernal spider legendary card
The Infernal Spider Legendary card is one of the rewards you can earn when completing the "Wall Crawler" Challenge Mission. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K)

This includes access to his Hero Cards, cosmetics, and various missions, including the “Wall Crawler” Challenge Mission. His Challenge Mission can be unlocked once the Forged in the Hellfire research project has been completed and reached Research Level 4 before building the Armory.

Additionally, you’ll need maximum Friendship with Spidey before his Challenge Mission becomes available. The primary goal of this tactical mission is to eliminate the enemies spawning in the battle arena to acquire Spider-Man’s Infernal Spider Legendary Card plus his Midnight Sun Suit.

Before stepping into battle, players will use a default deck for this tactical mission, and you’ll have infinite card plays, but redraws are disabled. Additionally, you can move Spider-Man around the arena specifically for this Challenge Mission.

marvels midnight suns missions guide challenge missions spider-man wall crawler reward midnight sun suit
Completing the "Wall Crawler" Challenge Mission earns you the Midnight Sun Suit for Spider-Man. (Picture: Twitter / Marvel's Midnight Suns)

Should you play all your cards or all the turns have been played, you’ll fail the Challenge Mission, for which you can replay it to try once again. Let’s take a look at the step to complete the Spider-Man “Wall Crawler” Challenge Mission in Midnight Suns:

  1. Play the Opportunist card which the subsequent two environmental attacks grant no Heroism and gives you two moves.
  2. Move to the sarcophagus to the left before using it to target the enemy in the center and the one behind it by kicking it.
  3. Once again, you’ll move Spider-Man to the following sarcophagus on the left side, and kicking it will K.O., the next enemy.
  4. Play the Special Delivery card on the furthermost enemy and forceful knockback to the enemy in front of it for the third K.O.
  5. With no cards left to play, move to the sarcophagus across from you and line up to target the remaining enemy left for the K.O.
  6. A crystal will spawn in the center of the arena, by which the Infernal Spider card draws three more Spider-Man cards to play.
  7. The choice of cards to play in order is up to the players, but playing all three will destroy the crystal and complete the Challenge Mission.

If successful, you could unlock the Challenge Accepted Achievement/Trophy if you have done nine Challenge Missions previously. If not, it’s time to max out the Friendships and unlock every Hero’s Challenge Mission to complete and unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

And that completes this guide on completing Spider-Man's Challenge Mission in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and we want to thank the YouTube channel Akifini's Gaming for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.