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Best Storm Gifts & Hangout Activities In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Begin your friendship with Storm through Hangout activities and offering gifts, which we've listed as the best gifts and activities in Midnight Suns.
Best Storm Gifts & Hangout Activities In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Gift-giving is one of the best options to increase your Friendship level with characters, which can help you unlock exclusive items for the characters. These gifts can be given during a Hangout or completing a Haven activity which can grant you Friendship XP for the character gifted.

This all depends on the type of gift and that Hero's preferences as not all gifts are created equally as you can lose XP if you give them the wrong or disliked gift, especially for X-Men member Storm. We've detailed the best gifts, Hangout, and Haven activities for Storm in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

What Are The Best Gifts To Give Storm In Midnight Suns?

After completing the "Hard Knock Life" Story Mission and having unlocked Storm as a playable character, you can begin increasing your Friendship Level with the X-Men member. Increasing your friendship with her can be done by completing a Daily Sparring session, selecting her for General and Story Missions, inviting her to a Haven, offering her compliments, completing a Hangout, and through gifts.

marvels midnight suns character guide storm unlock best gifts gift shop
Once Storm becomes a playable character, you can start befriending her by getting her a gift she'll like or love. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K)

There are a few ways to acquire gifts, as you must have reached Team Friendship Level 2, which unlocks the Gift Shop, located outside the entrance to the Hellfire Forge. Here, various gifts can be found at the Gift Shop, which can be purchased using Gloss, or you can craft gifts using multiple reagents and other items using Agatha's Cauldron at the Library.

  • Loved by Storm:
    • A Stoic Companion
    • Candle (Freshly Mowed Grass)
    • Candle (Leather and Mahogany)
    • Candle (Night into Morning)
    • Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
    • Giant Size X-Men #1
    • Growing Up With Trauma
    • Madripoor in Pictures
    • Music Box (A Little Girl's Dream)
    • Music Box (Blood on Blood)
    • Music Box (Do It With Style)
    • Music Box (Transcendental Chimes)
    • Music Box (Vivaldi: Spring)
    • Snack Box (1000 Jelly Beans)
    • Snack Box (Fresh and Fruity)
    • Snack Box (Luxury Bites),
    • Tactics of the Ancients
  • Disliked by Storm:
    • Iron Man Fanfic Anthology
    • Multidimensional Cyphers in Graviton Theory
    • Nineteenth-Century Russian Poetry
    • Snack Box (World's Grossest Candy)
    • The Illustrated History of the Squadron Supreme

Another thing to consider to grant you Friendship XP is the rarity of the gift, as disliked gifts will give you no Friendship XP, while Common Rarity gives you +1 XP, +2 XP for Rare, +4 XP for Epic, and +5 XP for Legendary. These stats are doubled if Storm loves the gifts, except if the gift is of Common rarity: +1 XP for Common, +4 XP for Rare, +8 XP for Epic, and +10 for Legendary.

Best Storm Hangout & Haven Activities In Midnight Suns 

Speaking of Hangouts and Havens, there are a few activities that Storm loves participating in to maximize the Friendship XP earned based on which Haven you've invited her to. As there are many Havens to discover throughout the Abbey Grounds, many of them can host multiple activities, but not all are available simultaneously.

marvels midnight suns character guide storm unlock best hangout activities haven locations
Some of the activities Storm will enjoy include having deep conversations, meditating, and lounging by the pool on the Abbey Grounds. (Picture: Firaxis Games / 2K)

Depending on if Storm is available at the Common Room for a Hangout, you can visit the Haven and invite her to the location to get acquainted with her. Below, we've listed all the Storm Hangout activities with her on the Abbey Grounds, including her favorites, in Midnight Suns:

  • Loved by Storm:
    • Birdwatching
    • Deep Conversation
    • Exploring the Abbey Grounds
    • Meditation
    • Painting
    • Picnic
    • Pool Lounging
    • Reading by the Fire
    • Stargazing
  • Liked by Storm:
    • Having a drink
    • Fishing
    • Mushroom Picking
    • Playing Cards
    • Watching a movie
  • Disliked by Storm:
    • Playing Video Games
    • Working Out

Marvel's Midnight Suns' "Blood Storm" paid DLC is available separately or with the Season Pass or Legendary Edition for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 11th May 2023.