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All Wundagore Everbloom Locations In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Resembling a small pine tree, Wundagore Everbloom is quite an auspicious reagent but quite hard to find. Here are its known locations in Midnight Suns.
All Wundagore Everbloom Locations In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns' reagents are plant-based items that The Hunter can find and collect when roaming around the Abbey and surrounding grounds. With 13 various types to locate and add to their Inventory, not much can be done with them once you’ve progressed with the game’s main storyline.

It requires furthering Agatha Harkness’ story and unlocking various game features for these items, like the Wundagore Everbloom, to be best utilized, but where can you find this elusive plant? We’ve detailed all known spawns of the Wundagore Everbloom and how to use it in Midnight Suns.

How To Find Wundagore Everbloom In Midnight Suns?

This robust reagent is one of 13 plants readily found throughout the Abbey grounds, primarily used for crafting purposes. While unassuming at first, these reagents may not have much value, after unlocking access to Agatha’s Cauldron found at the Abbey Library, you can use these items to brew various items.

The Wundagore Everbloom is the last reagent to find, but there are much tricky to locate them as they only spawn when a Waxing Moon appears. The first Wundagore Everbloom item you’ll find is at the Abbey Library, but where can you find more of these prickly plants, as we’ve listed all known spawn locations in Midnight Suns:

  1. At the Abbey Library, beside the bookcase on the right side of the room
  2. Beside Agatha Harkness’ statue near her memorial
  3. At the center of a small crater beside the Abbey building
  4. In front of the first Blood Gate straight up from Agatha’s memorial
  5. By the steps at Hunter’s Folly
  6. At the cave in Dreamer’s Descent, nearby the Handmade Hunter Doll area
  7. By the entrance to Hiram Shaw’s Church, north of Valley of the Winds
  8. Before the bridge to the third Blood Gate (Trial of the Elder Gods: Hyypus Challenge) at the Everflowing Glade
  9. Nearby the foot of a statue left of Agatha’s Cottage
  10. Inside the greenhouse, past the statue at Lilith’s Garden
marvels midnight suns reagents guide wundagore everbloom how to find locations hunters folly
Near the steps leading to The Hunter's tomb, you can find a Wundagore Everbloom plant. Picture: Firaxis Games)

A few players have also spotted another Wundagore Everbloom item which can be found quite early in the game. If you have completed the Standing Stone puzzle, there are reports of the reagent found on the steps leading to the puzzle.

How To Use Wundagore Everbloom In Midnight Suns?

marvels midnight suns reagents guide wundagore everbloom how to use agathas cauldron essence upgrade abilties
Like every reagent, Wundagore Everbloom can be used to craft Essences needed to upgrade Hero Abilities, using Agatha's Cauldron at the Abbey Library. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

Once you’ve collected Wundagore Everbloom, these can be used in various ways, but mostly to brew Essences. Essences are one of the game’s main currencies that can be spent on upgrading abilities with Skill, Attack, or Heroic Essences.

They can also craft Combat Cards, which can grant the Hero and its allies unique buffs and bonuses but can be used during combat. It can also be gifted to your fellow Heroes during Hangouts and inviting them to Havens which significantly increases (or decreases) your Friendship Level with them.

marvels midnight suns reagents guide wundagore everbloom how to use gifts friendship level
Reagents like the Wundagore Everbloom can be used as Gifts to give to other Heroes and increase your Friendship Level with them. (Picture: Firaxis Games)

The final usage of Wundagore Everbloom is vital, especially towards the game’s endgame content when you have a surplus of Essences or earning Essence becomes harder to get. You can use this reagent and many others for transmutation (changing them into other Essence types), which can help when upgrading Hero Abilities or just managing your Inventory items so that you have enough Essences for all your Heroes.

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