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Moon Knight The Tomb – Episode breakdown and review

In possibly the best Moon Knight episode to date, Steven Grant/Marc Spector gets pushed psychologically and physically to their breaking point.
Moon Knight The Tomb – Episode breakdown and review
Moon Knight's episode four is on the path to setting up a massive series event for its final two episodes under the golden skies of Egypt. With Khonshu temporarily removed from the narrative, Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) will need as much help as possible to track Arthur Harrow down and stop him from releasing Ammit from her tomb. 

We'll be breaking down Moon Knight Episode 4, The Tomb, and providing some final thoughts and a brief review of the series. We'll be highlighting significant plot points, characters and details; with a spoiler alert if you have yet to watch the latest episode on Disney+.

Moon Knight Episode 4 – Breakdown: Jake Lockley, is that you?

After episode three left Steven unconscious in the Egyptian desert, Layla has to shuffle herself and Steven across the sandy landscape and to safety. They were briefly ambushed; however, we may have the MCU's most effective weapon, the flare, being used to great effect as Layla threw it in the boot of a car carrying an open crate of ammunition.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb steven grant layla el-faouly ammits tomb arthur harrow egypt desert camels
Steven Grant and Layla El-Faouly begin their journey to locate the entrance to Ammit's tomb and stop Arthur Harrow. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Steven regains consciousness before a conversation breaks out where Steven reveals his deal with Marc. These details include Steven gaining control of the body once Marc has completed his end of the agreement with Khonshu and Marc eventually leaving Steven alone.

Using the coordinates from the previous episode to locate Ammit's tomb and Arthur Harrow's followers, they eventually track down the camp where the pair rummage for supplies. Marc lets Steven know that he's over his head as Steven lets him know that he doesn't need him, just Layla.

This led Marc to threaten him that he'll "throw us off a cliff" should Steven do anything funny with Layla. Fast forward a few minutes, Steven awkwardly kisses Layla in which Marc takes control briefly to punch Steven in the face, delivering one of the funnier moments of the episode.

Once they've entered Ammit's tomb, Steven fangirls over the sheer amazement of finding the location while Layla leaves a tribute to her father by marking his initials in the sand. Upon progressing through the tomb, they reveal that Ammit's tomb resembles a maze with six directions as Steven realises that the tomb's design resembles the Eye of Horus.

The tomb's paths reflect the symbol's six points and the six senses, namely mind, sight, scent and tongue, which Steven had to say rather weirdly (in my opinion). Not only does the layout reflect this royal symbol, but to their surprise, they discover that Ammit's final avatar should be a Pharoah.

With this knowledge, they assume that the avatar should be the voice of Ammit for which they embark on this specific path which represents the tongue. They locate a room which has an altar placed in the centre and a mural depicting Egyptian sorcerers or Heka priests based on their masks and stances in the mural.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb eye of horus six chambers six senses
Steven decodes the biggest clue regarding the layout of Ammit's tomb. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

As these sorcerers were buried here to protect the Pharoah in the Afterlife, Steven was horrified to find fresh blood and body parts on the altar. Layla finds more blood near the bottom of the altar, which covers canopic jars and ancient tools found nearby.

They find dried blood across the floor and human bones scattered through the room and adjacent corridor. Steven, prompting not to head out towards the corridor, proposes to find an alternate route as he sluggishly climbs to reach a balcony which overlooks the area.

He finds more jars, tools and snakeskin, which he estimates some form of reanimation may be happening. He finds another exit; however, are halted by a figure making loud clicking sounds who happens to be a reincarnated Heka priest.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb steven grant layla el-faouly ammits tomb heka priest secrets canopic jars
Exploring the small room within Ammit's tomb, Steven discovers more secrets about the area. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

The priest slings one of Harrow's followers onto the altar before stabbing him. The priest then removes the follower's organs as Layla moves to the other side of the altar, which causes her to knock over one of the canopic jars.

Steven who's watching in silent horror as the priest jumps onto the altar before he gasps, which attracts the priest's attention. Just as it's about to attack Steven, Layla grabs one of the jars and smashes it against the wall, prompting Steven to alert Layla to run before pushing a table off the balcony and making a dash for the exit.

Layla, separated from Steven, finds a chasm as she throws another flare to check the depth before careful moving alongside the chasm using the ledge lined across the chamber. She hears the familiar clicking sound as he hastily moves along the ridge while grabbing one of the notches.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb heka priest layla el-faouly chase chasm
Steven and Layla find a Heka Priest who pursues Layla after splitting up with Steven. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

The Heka priest attempts to grab Layla before she lands on a wide ledge section. The priest then pulls Layla into the darkness as she tries to escape before pulling its arm off and shoving yet another flare into its skull, and lunging it into the chasm below.

While Harrow watches Layla's feat, Steven enters a burial chamber with a large sarcophagus placed in the centre. As he examines the room, which includes a pool of water, personal possessions and a stallion, Steven gleans into the water, while Marc confronts Steven about telling Layla the truth and kissing her.

Steven examines the sarcophagus to find ancient Macedonian text adorning the outside. To Steven's bewilderment, the sarcophagus doesn't belong to an Egyptian Pharoah but that of Alexander the Great.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb steven grant marc spector ammits avatar alexander the great layla el-faouly heka priest
While Layla gets chased by a Heka Priest, Steven discovers who was the final avatar for Ammit. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Meanwhile, Harrow decided to engage in a conversation with Layla, asking if she knew the truth behind her father's death, alluding that Marc had a role in the murder. He reveals he knew this information after reading his scales (remember from the first episode, The Goldfish Problem); however, Layla dismisses the conversation before Harrow could go into detail.

He left Layla with some parting words: "Marc remembers everything that happened that day, everyone who died, but one man stands out: a man with a fuchsia scarf with scarab designs, handmade by his daughter". Angrily, Layla storms off and eventually finds Steven, who has his adventure to report.

While Harrow was discussing the mystery surrounding the death of Layla's father, Steven remembered that if Alexander were Ammit's avatar and voice, Ammit's ushabti would be located in his throat. Uncovering the bandages, Steven dislocates the jaw and finds the ushabti before Layla finds him.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb marc spector steven grant layla el-faouly alexander the great sarcophagus
After a chilling conversation with Arthur Harrow, Layla demands that Marc Spector tells her the truth regarding her father's death. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Layla asks Steven if Marc could hear him before she interrogates Steven/Marc, demanding that Marc answer her. Steven allows Marc to assume control before Marc frantically tells Layla they need to leave.

As Marc informs Layla that this can be discussed at a later stage, Layla pleads with Marc to answer if he had murdered her father, to which he responds no. Unfortunately, he lets her know that he was there that day as her father was murdered by his "greedy" partner, who killed everyone at the excavation site.

He later added that his partner shot him and left him for dead, revealing that if Khonshu hadn't found him, he wouldn't be alive. He said that he and Layla met soon after, but his guilty conscience made him push her away. Yikes!

They get cornered by Harrow Layla quickly hides away as Marc dispatches two of Harrow's followers before he gets shot twice in the chest and falls into the pool behind the sarcophagus. Marc wakes up in an asylum, drugged with no sense of awareness.

Surrounding him are a few people Marc has encountered across the previous episodes, including Layla, as the earlier adventures played out on a VHS tape in the common room. He tries to get out of the wheelchair before falling over as the Moon Knight figurine falls out of his hand.

He finds himself in Arthur Harrow's office, who happens to be a psychiatrist, explaining that Marc has difficulty distinguishing the difference between delusion and reality. Marc carefully observes Harrow's office, where he pinpoints several items, including his choice of footwear, his cane, a framed picture of an Alpine village, and an alligator statuette.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb marc spector psychiatric hospital wakes up arthur harrow office
Marc Spector wakes up at a psychiatric hospital before sitting down with Arthur Harrow for an appointment. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Marc remembers that Harrow shot him twice before trying to exit; however, the effects of the medication hadn't worn off yet, forcing Marc to crawl instead. He manages to free himself from the two security guards until he finds a room to hide, which houses a sarcophagus.

He hears screaming inside the sarcophagus, prompting Marc to push the lid off as Steven crawls out of the confines. Surprised that they're separated, Marc and Steven embrace each other as Marc asks Steven to recall his last memory.

Steven also remembers Harrow shooting them, confirming that the asylum isn't real and that they haven't gone crazy. As they're trying to find an exit, they find another sarcophagus; however, many speculate this to be Jake Lockley.

As they continue down one of the passages, they see a shadow looming behind a door. Marc and Steven look bewildered as Tawaret appears before them as the door flings open, leading Marc and Steven to scream in shock as the Egyptian deity greets them.

Moon Knight Episode 4 – Breakdown: Review and Final Thoughts

As I'm gathering my final thoughts, it's pretty apparent that I'm still not sure what I have watched. Even after a second viewing, what I knew was suddenly called into question, and that's a good thing.

Moon Knight wasn't meant to follow the atypical formula Marvel Studios had slowly perfected since 2008's Iron Man. In fact, with Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness as the next MCU project set for release, nothing was ever the same in the MCU.

I know that this is one of the best episodes Marvel Studios has put out since, ironically, the fourth episode of WandaVision last year. Narrative-wise, Steven putting his foot down and assuming control of the body was a defining moment for the character.

Not allowing to be goaded by Marc, even when he threatened to "throw us off a cliff" for openly flirting with his wife, was evident that he was getting stronger with every passing moment. While Marc's involvement in the death of Layla's father was a moment many had seen coming, not having him pull the trigger was a surprise.

They teased the third character, Jake Lockley, who may or may not be inside the sarcophagus during the show's last ten minutes. One eagle-eyed viewer has tweeted that the sarcophagus looks more feminine, which may or may not make us think that Jake is actually inside the sarcophagus.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb steven grant marc spector encampment throw us off a cliff moment mirrored interaction
Steven and Marc had a mirrored hilarious interaction after Steven confessed and kissed Layla. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Regardless, some viewers guessed that the reflection Steven spoke to while at the burial room of Alexander the Great may also be Jake, but for now, it's merely speculation. When will Mr Lockley appear in Moon Knight could happen sometime during the last two episodes of the series, so buckle up, folks?

The episode somewhat shied away from its comedic tone, which was welcoming, but we got some horror tones in exchange, which caused me to jump out of my seat. Additionally, we didn't see much CGI favouring possibly more practical effect, except for Marc's supposed death scene, which was gorgeous and hypnotising.

The episode's directors did tease a curveball happening in episode four, and while the curveball was unexpected, its ending left me perplexed and in a state of hilarity. The screams were a well-timed addition, and the memes spawned from this episode will live forever, we hope.

moon knight episode 4 the tomb steven grant marc spector psychiatric hospital plot twist
The episode's plot twist ending certainly had us screaming. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

There was so much to love about this episode and not much to hate. I did wish we were introduced to Jake Lockley in this episode, as I'm worried that the character's addition may be portrayed as an afterthought. The Steven/Layla/Marc conundrum did feel like a daytime soap opera, but somehow, I enjoy its cheesy cliches as long as it's not forced, or Steven may get punched again.

There are two episodes left and no Jake Lockley, and Khonshu has yet to be freed from his encasement. Somehow, I don't want Khonshu to be released anytime soon in favour of Marc/Steven to shine more.

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+ with new episodes set for release every Wednesday at 12 am PT / 3 am ET.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Studios.