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All Moon Knight QR codes and free digital comics

You can learn more about the comic book history of Moon Knight as Marvel Studios sends audiences into an Easter Egg hunt for QR codes.
All Moon Knight QR codes and free digital comics

Marvel Studios has made the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) synonymous with its use of Easter Eggs, callbacks and references and, of course, the post-credit sequence. And Moon Knight is no different despite the series remaining somewhat "untethered" from the main MCU continuity.

Once again, they've made Easter Egg-hunting exciting, thanks to a surprising marketing move that allows viewers to learn more about Moon Knight. There have been QR codes appearing in an episode thus far but what is behind the QR codes lends itself to the weirdness of the series.

Update on 1 December 2022: We've updated this article to reflect the latest 'Moon Knight QR Codes' for Marvel fans to scan in.

Marvel planting QR codes in the Moon Knight series

Marvel Studios has always been planting Easter Eggs across many of its MCU projects over its 15-year-run. Some have been callbacks to comic book references, running gags, and inside jokes, but Marvel Studios opted to do something unique for a lesser-known character, Moon Knight.

While many didn't think much into it until a Reddit thread went viral revealing that the QR codes are little Easter Eggs in themselves. This Marvelous guide detailed where viewers can find the QR codes in Moon Knight and what they reveal once scanned.

Moon Knight Episode 1 QR code – Werewolf by Night issue #32

As mentioned previously, many viewers overlooked the appearance of a QR code in the debut episode of Moon Knight until one viewer revealed what's behind it. Those who have scanned the QR code were redirected to the Marvel Unlimted page, where they can read a free copy of the Werewolf by Night comic book.

moon knight qr code digital free comic books werewolf by night issue 32 first appearance
Moon Knight made his Marvel Comics debut in the Werewolf by Night issue #32, the free comic behind the first QR code. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

In particular, they can read the Werewolf by Night issue #32, where Moon Knight made its Marvel Comic debut. This subtle nod to the character's first comic appearance in its first MCU appearance is quite befitting and ingenious.

This QR code can be found right around the five-minute mark in the first episode, The Goldfish Problem. Steven Grant, who's already late for work, can be seen having a conversation with a young student visiting the museum.

moon knight qr codes digital comic books museum sarcophagus episode one
The first QR code can be seen behind a sarcophagus above a fire alarm in episode one of Moon Knight. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

Visibly seen behind a sarcophagus is a QR code which you can read your free copy of Werewolf by Night issue #32. First published in August 1975, this issue sees the Werewolf battle with a white-capped figure possessing unique weaponry and abilities.

This figure is the Moon Knight as the pair square off in a brutal battle lasting three days in front of a growing crowd. Who is the Moon Knight, and how did he possess his weapons and abilities?

Moon Knight Episode 2 QR code – Werewolf by Night issue #33

moon knight qr codes digital comic books storage locker door episode two
The second QR code is found on Marc Spector's storage locker door in episode two of Moon Knight. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

The second QR code, much like the first code, isn't hard to find as it can be spotted sometime after the eight-minute mark in the series' second episode, Summon the Suit. Following up on leads to his mysterious past, Steven Grant takes the key to locating the symbol printed on a keychain to a self-storage facility.

With the assistance of a salesperson, he finds the storage locker and on its door is the locker door number and a QR code printed beside it. Once you've scanned this QR code, it will take you to the Marvel Unlimited page once again; this time, another free copy can be available to read online.

moon knight qr code free digital comic books episode 2 werewolf by night issue 33 moon knight second appearance
Moon Knight's second comic appearance was in the Werewolf by Night issue #33, the free comic behind the second QR code. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

The free comic book issue you can read is Moon Knight's subsequent appearance in the Werewolf by Night issue #33, published in 1972. After their intense three-day battle, Moon Knight finally captures the Werewolf; however, they attract the attention of the city police as Moon Knight is trying to evade.

While it's apparent that Moon Knight plans to leave with the Werewolf, what exactly does he have in store? And most importantly, can the Werewolf escape the braces of Moon Knight?

Moon Knight Episode 3 QR code – Moon Knight issue #3

moon knight qr code digital comic books episode 3 anton mogart midnight man episode three
It's reported that there's no QR code in episode three of Moon Knight. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

The third episode broke the chain by not featuring a QR code, despite me frantically looking for one. However, audiences can read a free copy on the Marvel Unlimted page featuring both Moon Knight and the Midnight Man.

The issue in question is Moon Knight issue #3 from 1980, which features the Midnight Man in his first Marvel Comics appearance. This coincides with the actual character's appearance in the Moon Knight series as Anton Mogart / Midnight Man.

moon knight qr code digital free comic books episode 3 moon knight issue 3 first appearance midnight man
Midnight Man made his first appearance in the Moon Knight issue #3, available to read for free. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

Published in January 1981, Moon Knight has been busy cleaning up the streets of New York as he apprehended three thieves simultaneously for three nights straight. More than just a coincidence, Moon Knight learns that these thieves have stolen items that are connected which presents the appearance of the Midnight Man.

Moon Knight Episode 4 – Universe X (2000) #6

Much like the previous week, episode four also did not include a QR code, as of writing, in the episode. Nevertheless, Marvel Unlimited has announced the week's free comic featuring Moon Knight in Universe X issue #6 from 2000.

moon knight qr code digital free comic books episode 4 universe x issue 6 live-action suit inspiration khonshu summons bandages
The inspiration for Moon Knight's live-action suit came from the character's appearance in Universe X issue #6. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

This issue, in particular, is the main inspiration behind the live-action costume design for the titular character, which was one aspect many viewers enjoyed. There are some slight differences between the costume's comic and live-action design for which Khonshu's summons appear on the bandages for the live-action version.

According to the show's head writer, Jeremy Slater, they knew that the live-action version had to possess some supernatural aspects, hence why Khonshu's summons appear on the suit's entirety. "So we knew the suit would need to be conjured into existence somehow. We just didn't know how," Slater posted on Twitter.

In terms of the comic book issue itself, Marc Spector/Moon Knight was tasked with a difficult mission as he comes to blows with a group of assassins. Meanwhile, Captain America, Mar-Vell, Hulk and the X-Men received a front-row set as they were teleported to Egypt for this brutal encounter.

Moon Knight Episode 5 QR code – Moon Knight (1980) #1

It's been some time since we've last spotted a QR code in a Moon Knight episode, but in Episode 5 Asylum, viewers would be able to find this one fairly early in the episode. Around the 12-minute-mark, Steven appears as he's looking at the hospital doors, which serve as gateways to Marc's memories.

moon knight qr code digital free comic books episode 5 asylum steven grant moon knight issue #1
A QR code was visibly seen during Episode 5 to the right of the hospital door. (Picture: Marvel Studios)

He stares at the final door and sees a figure, which we later find to be Marc, standing on a corner of a street; Steven prompts questions about this memory. Just as he's staring into the gateway, to the right is a QR code above a directory for "Floor Map" that you can find.

Scanning this QR code will take you to the Marvel Unlimited page, where you can read a free Moon Knight comic. This time, it's somewhat symbolic as you can access Moon Knight (1980) #1, the titular character's first solo comic series.

moon knight qr code digital free comic books episode 5 moon knight issue #1 asylum first comic book series run
Moon Knight issue #1 from 1980 marked the titular character's first comic book series run. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

This particular comic details how Marc Spector became the Moon Knight, how he acquired his extraordinary powers and the transition between the multiple personalities. During this episode, Marc and Steven crash-landed into one of Marc's memories from when he first met the Egyptian deity, Khonshu.

While Marc may have been bleeding to death at the feet of Khonshu's statue, Steven discovers that Khonshu had taken advantage of Marc, thus manipulating him into becoming his agent for vengeance. With the comic-book references in the live-action series, there are some notable similarities between the two properties that audiences will undoubtedly enjoy.

Moon Knight Episode 6 QR code – Moon Knight Annual (2019) #1

moon knight qr code digital free comic books episode 6 gods and monsters arthur harrow jake lockley moon knight annual #1
The QR code in Episode 6 is relatively small; however, does it tease future MCU events? (Picture: Marvel Studios)

With all the chaos and intrigue in the final episode, you would think Marvel Studios didn't have time to place yet another QR code in the final episode?! Well, you would be wrong, as the series ended not just with an "ambiguous ending", but we finally got to meet Jake Lockley, another personality deemed to unbalance the scales and make Marc and Steven's lives a "fricken mess".

But if you waited after the credits, we received a post-credit scene involving Arthur Harrow, Khonshu and the aforementioned, Lockley. Sometime after the 38-minute mark, you'll find a poster with a tiny QR code in the bottom left corner, which, scanning the QR code, hints at a possible crossover and future MCU events.

moon knight qr code digital free comic books episode 6 gods and monsters moon knight annual #1 kang the conquerer
Moon Knight goes to battle against Kang the Conqueror in an epic battle to restore time and save Khonshu from his untimely fate. (Picture: Marvel Comics)

You'll be taken to the Marvel Unlimited site once more, where you can read a free copy of Moon Knight Annual (2019) #1, where the titular character does battle with Kang the Conquerer. Moon Knight does battle against Kang in a bid to fix an erratic timeline before Kang reaches Khonshu and completes his mission.

If you haven't watched Loki, this character was referenced in the latter episodes and is teased to be a formidable threat. More interestingly, Kang the Conqueror will be appearing in the upcoming Ant-Man sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, so the bigger question is whether we could potentially see Moon Knight in the film?

You can subscribe to Marvel Unlimited and read comic books featuring your favourite heroes (and villains) by starting a free trial. Additionally, you can get the first month with Marvel Unlimited at a reduced rate of $1,99 by using the promo code KHONSHU when checking out.

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+ with new episodes set for release every Wednesday at 12 am PT / 3 am ET.

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