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Who Plays Hercules In The Thor Love And Thunder Post-Credit Scene?

Learn all about who plays the classic Hercules character in the Thor Love and Thunder post-credit scene.
Who Plays Hercules In The Thor Love And Thunder Post-Credit Scene?

Whether you've gone to the theater and watched Thor Love and Thunder yourself, or you read about the post-credit scene online, you know about the appearance of Hercules in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you're here, now you want to know who plays the antagonist to one of the original Avengers.

Before diving into the actor behind the Marvel Olympian, you should keep in mind that Hercules only appeared in Love and Thunder for a few moments.

While it's not likely that anything will change, there have been instances where costumes or actors were changed from one appearance to another. With that said, let's get into the actor behind Hercules.

Thor Love and Thunder post-credits - The Hercules actor

Thor Stormbreaker
Thor may have his toughest enemy yet. (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

If you've watched Ted Lasso, the popular series from Apple TV+, then you may recognize who Hercules is in Thor Love and Thunder. Brett Goldstein is the actor who portrays Hercules, and the casting may have even come from Kevin Feige himself. In his very brief mid-credits scene, he clearly fits the bill as the character. 

If you've somehow made it this far and want to avoid SPOILERS, you should turn back now.

In the brief scene where Brett Goldstein is revealed as Hercules, Zeus takes up most of the screen time. The God of the Sky was presumably killed by Thor as the attempted to escape his clutches at the city of the Gods. In this post-credit scene, Zeus looks like he may survive, and he summons Hercules to get revenge on Thor.

Whether Hercules will be the main antagonist in the next Thor or something else entirely is still up in the air. Even Taika Waititi, the director of the last two Thor movies, isn't in the know. The Olympian could appear in Thor 5, Guardians Volume 3, or a simple Disney Plus show.

Thor may have Mjolnir in hand for his next battle. (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

All we really know is that Hercules is coming for Thor, and whether that happens in a crossover or a dedicated movie is up for debate. Chris Hemsworth himself seems to be dedicated to his longstanding character, so another entry in his own series seems more than likely. A demi-god antagonist seems fitting with an adoptive daughter at his side and a story about Gods.

Even in the comics, Thor and Hercules were natural enemies during the Silver Age of comics. This carried on for years in different storylines depending on the decade. Brett Goldstein bringing the character to the MCU in Thor Love and Thunder was only natural.

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Featured image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.