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Meet Your Maker Best Traps To Use

What are the best traps in Meet Your Maker? We're here to answer that question.
Meet Your Maker Best Traps To Use

While building your base in Meet Your Maker, you'll have access to a wide variety of traps and Guards in your arsenal that you can use to prevent enemy players from breaking your defenses and obtaining your Genmat. You can also buy upgrades for those traps to make them even stronger.

But which of the traps in Meet Your Maker are the best, and which ones are a little more lackluster? As a beginner, it can be hard to discern which traps are best to use and when, but we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll go over all of the traps available in Meet Your Maker and which of them are the best.

Update 29 June 2023 - We've now had a chance to try out Meet Your Maker's Sector 1: Dreadshore, released on 27 June 2023, so we've updated this article to reflect the brand new Sentry Beam. 

Meet Your Maker Screenshot
You'll want to use a variety of traps to create the ultra base

All Traps In Meet Your Maker

There are a total of nine traps in Meet Your Maker, with each one boasting a unique ability.

  • Boltshot - Fires a volley of bolts. Triggers once.
  • Bomb Ejector - Releases multiple bouncing bombs that explode after a short duration. Triggers once.
  • Corrosive Cube - A container of acid that can dissolve a raider. Cannot be destroyed.
  • Death Piston - Piston that extends at set intervals, smashing everything that stands in its way. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Holocube - A hologram that takes on the appearance of a bedrock block. Disappears when a raider approaches.
  • Impaler - Spikes extend from the trap, impaling anything within close range. Triggers once.
  • Incinerator - Spews fire at its target. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Iron Claw - Launches a claw that catches its target and drags it to the trap. Non-lethal. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Plasma Sentinel - Continuously fires balls of plasma from all sides. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Sentry Beam (NEW) - Uses motion tracking to lock onto a target and emit a narrow beam of super-heated amplified light; if it misses its mark it will ricochet multiple times.
meet your maker trap
The nine traps in Meet Your Maker each have their own unique abilities. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Best Traps In Meet Your Maker

All of the traps in Meet Your Maker can be used in various ways when building bases to stop raiders from managing to steal your Genmat, but some tend to be more effective than others.

The Plasma Sentinel is no doubt the strongest trap in Meet Your Maker, but it's also the most expensive. Overall, the best traps tend to be those that either cannot be destroyed or will trick a player into falling into them. The Corrosive Cube is a great pick when combined with other nearby traps; the Incinerator and Impaler are great choices.

The Sentry Beam released in Sector 1: Dreadshore in June, adds a little more variety to your trap possibilities. These beams not only lock on to their targets but linger and ricochet for a while, making them even harder to avoid. A web of Sentry Beams can stand alone as defenses for an Outpost when combined with some decent Guards; your placement with these matters more than anything, so it's worth taking some time to design an intricate web that not even the most experienced raiders can find their way out of.

Those are all of the traps in Meet Your Maker, including which of them are the best choices to use when building your base. If you want to learn more about what gear you should bring when you head out to raid others' Outposts, be sure to read our article on the best weapons in the game.