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Best Weapons In Meet Your Maker, Ranked

These are the best weapons in Meet Your Maker that money can buy.
Best Weapons In Meet Your Maker, Ranked

Behaviour Interactive's base building and raiding game Meet Your Maker equips you with an array of tools to take with you as you raid others' bases, offering you a gun and melee weapon in your inventory from the very start. As you play Meet Your Maker, however, you'll quickly find that there are other weapons that you can purchase to upgrade your loadout. But out of all of the options, which of the weapons in Meet Your Maker are the best and most useful?

This guide will explain all of the best weapons in Meet Your Maker so you can create a loadout that works for you with your ranged and melee weapons.

Update 27 June 2023 - Meet Your Maker's Sector 1: Dreadshore is coming on 27 June 2023, so we'll update this article next week to reflect the new content once we've had a chance to give it a try!


All Weapons In Meet Your Maker

There are five different weapons in Meet Your Maker, each with its own unique stats and strengths.

Here's a quick overview of the game's weapon options:

  • Volt Lancer (Ranged; Starter Weapon) - A powerful electromagnetic bolt launcher.
  • Fury's Edge (Melee; Starter Weapon) - A lightweight blade that strikes quickly.
  • Arc Barrier (Defensive) - A magnetic barrier that protects the user from harm for a short duration.
  • Falconic Plasmabow (Ranged) - A fast-shooting, lightweight crossbow.
  • Sledgeblade (Melee) - A heavyweight blade made for lunging.
  • Demolition Cannon (Ranged; NEW) - A powerful and portable cannon that releases heated plasma, creating a localized explosion and dealing tremendous damage.
meet your maker weapons
There are five weapons in Meet Your Maker, with each having its own strengths and stats. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Best Weapons In Meet Your Maker

You'll start out with the Volt Lancer and Fury's Edge. The game's starter weapons are actually pretty impressive and will allow you to raid almost any base without much issue.

However, if you're looking for a little bit of an upgrade, consider going for the Arc Barrier and Sledgeblade instead. The Arc Barrier will provide you with a bit of a defensive boost, while the Sledgeblade can take out enemies from a surprisingly far distance thanks to its great lunge capabilities. If you want to grab these weapons, just talk to the Weapons Advisor, who can provide you with both brand-new items and upgrades to your existing tools.

Overall, while the game's two starting weapons - the Volt Lancer and Fury's Edge - aren't bad picks, you can upgrade your loadout and improve your gameplay with better weapons.

That said, we imagine more weapons will be added in the future, so be sure to check back for our updated rankings.