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A Recent Job Listing Could Hint at the Upcoming Release of Metroid Prime 4

A job listing for Retro Studios could allude to the imminent release of Metroid Prime 4, and here are the details.
A Recent Job Listing Could Hint at the Upcoming Release of Metroid Prime 4

Updates on Metroid Prime 4 have been minimal since its first reveal at E3 in 2017. Despite confirmation of ongoing development, fans who have patiently awaited news about the next installment in the Metroid Prime series are eager for an update on its status.

Recently, a job listing has surfaced, potentially providing insights into the game's progress and offering a glimpse into its potential release window. Without any more delays, let's delve into the details below.

A Recent Job Listing Could Spell the Imminent Release of Metroid Prime 4

Diving right into the specifics, a recent job opening surfaced on the Nintendo Retro Studios' website, seeking an onsite product tester based in Austin, Texas. While the job description doesn't overtly specify its connection to Metroid Prime 4, a segment in the posting states, "...Retro Studios is currently in the midst of developing Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch."

Metroid Prime 4 Job Listing Teases Release
Since Nintendo is focusing on Metroid Prime 4 right now, it stands to reason that this new job listing is for this new Metroid title. (Picture: Nintendo)

This crucial statement essentially confirms that the studio is presently concentrating solely on Metroid Prime 4, suggesting that this particular job listing is intended for that specific title. What adds excitement to this announcement is the nature of the position itself.

The role is for a product tester, and in the realm of gaming studios' hiring practices, it is more typical for companies to hire additional testers as they approach the conclusion of the game's development cycle, requiring more manpower for thorough testing. This aspect leads many to speculate that Metroid Prime 4 is underway, or at the very least, undergoing testing.

Metroid Prime 4 Job Listing Teases Release Possible soon release
The fact that a new tester is being hired, makes it likely that the game is in its final dev stages and might release soon. (Picture: Nintendo)

The testing duration for a game can vary widely, contingent on the severity of issues and bugs discovered by the testers, spanning from a few months to a year. However, a final detail in this job listing may offer a glimpse into the timeline.

The job role is a contract position, implying that it might be for a fixed term before expiration. If the contract spans a year, it indicates that the developers anticipate at least a year of testing before the game's launch. While the contract could be extended if significant issues arise and necessitate keeping the testers on board, at the very least, it suggests that the development is in its final stages. If all goes smoothly, the game could potentially be released soon.

So for now, keep your eyes and ears open for any news coming for Metroid Prime 4, and be sure to check out our dedicated Metroid section here for the latest news on this iconic franchise.