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Metroid Prime 4: Release Date Speculation, Trailer, News, Leaks

Join Samus once again as we outline everything you need to know about the speculated release date, trailer, news, and leaks for Metroid Prime 4.
Metroid Prime 4: Release Date Speculation, Trailer, News, Leaks

Nearly 15 years after the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, fans are eagerly awaiting the next Metroid project sporting the "Prime" moniker, especially after the recent success of Metroid Dread. The next installment, Metroid Prime 4, has been shrouded in some ambiguity for quite some time, but luckily we have you covered.

We will walk you through everything we know regarding the highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4. We'll cover the most pressing details, such as its suspected release date, trailer, leaks, platforms, and much more, so let's jump right in.  

Updated on 13 May 2024: This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Metroid Prime 4' news and leaks.

Latest Metroid Prime 4 News & Leaks

This section contains all the latest news and leaks for Metroid Prime 4, which we consistently update to get you all the new information.

7 March 2024: Maybe we'll see Metroid Prime 4 during the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal?
4 January 2024: Metroid Prime 4 rumor says game is complete except for cutscenes
7 September 2023: A leak suggests the release date window of Metroid Prime 4

A new leak/rumor indicates Metroid Prime 4 could release somewhere in Summer 2024.

28 August 2023: Metroid Prime 4 the last big Switch game?
10 July 2023: Checked for any Metroid Prime 4 news or info

Unfortunately, we didn't find any new details on Metroid Prime 4 to share with this update. We will continue our search.

6 April 2023: Is Metroid Prime development complete rumor?
2 February 2023: No E3 for Nintendo?

Rumour has it that Nintendo might be skipping E3 2023, which doesn't bode well for Metroid Prime 4 fans hoping to see more of the game soon.

5 January 2023: Metroid Prime news at Nintendo Direct 2023?

Rumors are floating around that some Metroid Prime news, either a trilogy remaster or more on Metroid Prime 4, will be revealed at the first Nintendo Direct of 2023.

8 December: Watch The Game Awards 2022 live!

We can't help but wonder if Metroid Prime 4 will show up at The Game Awards 2022. We aren't holding our breaths, as it is very unlikely.

Tune in the watch The Game Awards 2022 via the YouTube stream embedded below. It kicks off on 8 December at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT and 9 December at 00:30 GMT.

1 December update - Ex Retro Studios developers talk about Metroid Prime 4

In a video from KIWI TALKZ, some ex-Retro Studios developers talked about what they hope to see from Metroid Prime 4. Check out the video below.

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date Speculation

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmed release date for Metroid Prime 4, but in this article, you’ll find all (if any) information that the developer shared, as well as some speculation from Ginx on when we could see it launch.

As it currently stands, Metroid Prime 4 is still in development, but when we will be able to play it is unknown. However, according to an Amazon listing, Metroid Prime 4 will be available as a Nintendo Switch Digital Code on the 31st of December 2022 and is even available to pre-order. The date is likely a placeholder.

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date Trailer Leaks and More Amazon pre-order still uncofirmed
Although the game is available to pre-order on Amazon, we still don't have confirmation on a release date from the developers. (Picture: Nintendo)

This could likely change as the developers do not confirm it at Nintendo, so we urge you to take this release date with a grain of salt, especially considering the recent pandemic that might have put a damper on its development cycle. So far, all we've seen of the game is some new concept art via the official Retro Studios Twitter account. 

However, there are plenty of rumors to dissect about what we should expect from the next Metroid Prime game and when we might be able to expect it until we get some more solid details. So let's check those out below. 

Metroid Prime 4 - Trailer, News & Leaks

Metroid 4 has seen only one trailer released over the past few years. Apart from the logo, there isn't much to see in this trailer, as all it showcases is the game's name and classic logo.

Although there aren't any official leaks for the game, Retro Studios has continued to hire developers, the most notable in recent months being Marisa Palumbo, who previously worked at Rockstar. The studio is also hiring product testers on a contract basis, implying that Metroid Prime 4 is playable. 

This doesn't mean the game is ready to ship, but it is a sign that things are going well regarding its development. Another piece of information that's come out is the new game's direction, according to the Metroid series producer Kensuke Tanabe. 

He stated in a Eurogamer Interview a few years back that "The stories of Dark Samus and Phazon are finished," adding that any future games in the series will focus on other Prime-series elements. One thing we can be reasonably sure of is that, like previous Prime games, Metroid Prime 4 will most likely be a first-person shooter.

Metroid Prime 4 Platforms?

The only trailer for the game included a sentence at the bottom that said, "Now in development for Nintendo Switch." All games in the series, including the franchise's first title, Metroid, released in 1986, have been released exclusively on Nintendo consoles. 

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date Trailer Leaks and More release on Switch platform
Similar to most of Nintendo's games, Metroid Prime 4 will likely release on The Nintendo Switch. (Picture: Nintendo)

So we can confidently predict that the game will only be available on the company's flagship hardware, the Nintendo Switch. So now would be a great time to invest in a Switch for an upcoming Metroid game release.