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What is the Metroid Dread speedrun world record?

Speedrunners have been taking apart the latest 2D Samus Aran outing since it released.
What is the Metroid Dread speedrun world record?

Metroid Dread, released last month, has been touted as a potential Game of the Year candidate thanks to its exciting gameplay, mysterious, atmospheric environments, and overall being an incredible return to form for Samus in classic 2D fashion.

As speedrunners get acquainted with the game, they are slowly but surely pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with sequence breaks and other forms of exploits to finish Metroid Dread as fast as possible.

For those unaware, sequence break is a term that was coined by speedrunners to pinpoint moments in a linear game in which they can skip steps or bypass story beats to finish it faster. Unlike glitches or bugs, sequence breaks are sometimes put in place by developers to incentivise creativity.

With Dread being almost a month old, records are changing constantly, with the latest 2D Samus adventure drawing the eyes of new players interested in the speedrunning community.

What is the Metroid Dread speedrun world record?

metroid dread speedrunning
Metroid Dread's speedrunning community keeps growing. (Picture: Nintendo)

As we've said, the Metroid Dread speedrunning world record keeps changing constantly, as more optimised routes pop up, however, as of the time of writing, the current WR holder is a Canadian speedrunner who goes by the name Karterfreak, who completed the game in 1h 22m 52s on 29th October.

The WR was achieved under the Any% rule on normal difficulty, according to Speedrun.com.

What does Any% mean?

If you're new to the world of speedrunning, Any% is a basic term that refers to the runner opting to complete the game as fast as possible, using all sorts of sequence breaks, glitches, or exploits to do so.

metroid samus wr any%
Metroid Dread is a perfect speedrunning game. (Picture: Nintendo)

Some runners also try the 100% completion runs or completing the game without using any major glitches.

If you haven't watched speedrunners break down games such as Metroid Dread and have an interest after playing the 2D title, we highly recommend you check out runs by all the content creators currently dissecting Samus' latest adventure.


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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.