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Best Minecraft Legends Hero To Choose

We explain what the best hero is for players to choose in Minecraft Legends at the start of the game.
Best Minecraft Legends Hero To Choose

One of the first things that new Minecraft Legends players will have to choose is their hero/character, and some might be wondering which one is the best.

To help you choose the best Minecraft Legends hero, we've compiled this short guide, explaining everything you need to know about Minecraft Legends heroes, so you can jump into the action strategy title with haste and enjoy the lush, beautiful Overworld while you slay Piglins by the hundreds.

Best Minecraft Legends Hero/Character?

minecraft legends best hero character choose
You have several hero options to choose from when starting Minecraft Legends. (Picture: Mojang Studios)

When you first start Minecraft Legends via the Story Campaign, you will be tasked with a choice; Choose your hero! 

This choice might make a lot of players think, wondering which one of these diverse heroes/characters are the best. Our tip for the best Minecraft hero to choose is quite simple: the one you love the most.

To be very clear, there's absolutely no gameplay advantage or difference between Minecraft Legends heroes. Instead, the differences are in looks only. With that in mind, there is no best Minecraft Legends character.

If you don't like any of the starting heroes, then you are in luck. There are more hero options in Minecraft Legends, which you can find via the in-game Marketplace. Here, you can download additional skins for your character.

Furthermore, players can even use the Minecraft Dressing Room to choose a specific style, so there are a lot of options for your character's look.

Check out the official Minecraft Legends gameplay trailer below to learn more about the brand-new action strategy title.

So there you have it; the best Minecraft Legends character to choose is the one you like the most in terms of looks. There's absolutely no advantage of a change in gameplay, no matter which character you end up choosing as your avatar. Now go ahead and enjoy the Overlord, and stop those pesky Piglins!