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Minecraft Legends Lapis: How To Farm & Uses

Want to farm Lapis quickly in Minecraft Legends? We've got you covered!
Minecraft Legends Lapis: How To Farm & Uses

If you want to farm the vital Lapis resource in Minecraft Legends with relative ease, then this guide will make your time in the blocky, lush Overworld a bit easier.

In this Minecraft Legends guide, we explain how players can get the Lapis resource quickly and what it is used for in this new action-strategy title for both the story campaign and PvP multiplayer, so let's dig in.

What is Lapis Used For in Minecraft Legends?

minecraft legends lapis resource farm get more piglin kills
You will always want to farm more and more Lapis in Minecraft Legends. (Picture: Mojang Studios)

In Minecraft Legends, players unite the Overworld against the Piglin threat and fight off the invasion using mobs that they spawn. Mobs are acquired by building a Spawner for their type and then calling on them via the Songbook.

To call mobs to your side, however, you will need Lapis, a vital Minecraft Legends resource that "feeds the Flames of Creation."

As you defend against Piglins or take to their bases and that of other players in Minecraft Legend's PvP multiplayer, the mobs you've spawned will inevitably need replacement. That's why every Minecraft Legends player in every MP match or during the story campaign will need to farm more Lapis quickly.

How To Farm Lapis Quickly in Minecraft Legends

minecraft legends lapis resource farm get more piglin kills
Kill the Piglins who are sure to attack your base during nighttime. (Picture: Mojang Studios)

There are three primary ways to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends. The first is the most consistent for farming, as you will need to slay all types of Piglins you find in the Overworld. It is important to note that Piglin structures provide you with Prismarine, while all actual Piglin mobs drop Lapis.

Be sure to add some Plank Golem units (which deal extra damage to Piglins) to your raiding party, so you can slay them faster and more efficiently. Now, head out and kill Piglin patrols or raid their bases to earn Lapis quickly, using your trusty sword and units to take them out quickly.

The second way to get Lapis is with a bit of luck, as it can also be found in Village chests, which spawn at their fountain once a village is saved. 

As a tip, we suggest avoiding going out during the nighttime to hunt down Piglins farming, as the Piglins are more robust at this point. Instead, we suggest waiting for the Piglins to come to you, as they will indeed launch attacks during the nighttime, at which point you can slay them for their Lapis. 

Lastly, you can build a Lapis Flag in your base to get increased Lapis over time. 

Check out the excellent "Lead the Charge" trailer for Minecraft Legends below to get the blood flowing.

That's everything you need to know about farming more Lapis quickly in Minecraft Legends to spawn mobs and put an end to the Piglin threat once and for all, liberating the Overworld in the process. If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article.