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Minecraft Legends Mounts: How To Swap & All Types

We explain how you can change/swap your mount in Minecraft Legends to ride across the Overworld in style.
Minecraft Legends Mounts: How To Swap & All Types

Are you tired of the same old mount in Minecraft Legends and would like nothing more than to change to something else? Well, we've got you covered, explaining how you can do a "mount swap" in the new action strategy title from developer Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios.

This guide explains all the Minecraft Legends mount types and their unique effects when found in the wild, alongside how you can actually perform a mount swap in the game.

How To Swap Mounts in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends mount swap change all types effects mounting riding
Swapping your standard Horse for a Big Beak is quite rewarding! (Picture: Mojang Studios)

As players explore the lush, equally beautiful, and blocky Overworld of Minecraft Legends, they will come across animals that they can ride! Yes, you get the initial Horse mount right at the start of the game's tutorial, but from here, you will need to find and befriend new mounts.

Once you come across one of the mount types (more on this in the next section of this guide), you can swap mounts in Minecraft Legends. To do this, simply press and hold the X button on your Xbox controller or the corresponding button on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

That's it, you have now both swapped mounts in Minecraft Legends and unlocked a new one to ride, and you will really want to unlock new mounts as you play the game.

Minecraft Legends Mount Types & Effects

Minecraft Legends mount swap change all types effects mounting riding
Climb over walls with the Brilliant Beetle mount in Minecraft Legends. (Picture: Mojang Studios)

At the time of writing, we know of four mount types and their effects in Minecraft Legends. This includes your initial horse mount. Check out all the mount types you can ride in Minecraft Legends, outlined with official descriptions below.

  • Horse: Fast and dependable, the horse mount will never shy away from battle. It is extremely confident crossing all types of terrain, from plains to mountains.
  • Brilliant Beetle: The beetle is loyal, dependable and has the unique ability to climb walls and float in the breeze. It is the quickest mount for crossing water.
  • Regal Tiger: This purple tiger is perfect for chasing down piglins. It is the fastest of the mounts and can cover ground in no time, but it can’t jump as well as the others.
  • Big Beak: This winged wonder has the highest leap and can glide long distances. Perfect for traveling over mountains and valleys.

Once you've found a new mount, they will be waiting for you at villages' fountains or the Well of Fate, so you will never be without the mount you desire. Now go forth and find mounts in the lush Overworld of Minecraft Legends.

Watch the official Minecraft Legends gameplay trailer below to learn more about this new action strategy title.

So there you have it, all the mount types in Minecraft Legends, their effects, and how you can swap your regular horse for something a bit more exotic. We will endeavor to update this article if/when new mounts become available.