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Minecraft Legends Story Length: How Long To Beat Campaign?

Wondering what the Minecraft Legends story length is and how long it will take to beat the game's expansive campaign? We've got you covered.
Minecraft Legends Story Length: How Long To Beat Campaign?

Wondering how long it would take to beat Minecraft Legends, completing the game's story? Then we've got you covered, noting the estimated hours you will have to put aside to save the Overworld from the Piglins' invasion.

In this guide, we explain the completion time for Minecraft Legends, the new open-world, action strategy title from developer Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios, so let's dig in...

Update on 17 April 2023: We've updated the hours estimation that it would take to beat Minecraft Legends ahead of the game's launch.

How Long To Beat Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legensd how long to beat story campaign complete length
Stop the Piglin invasion in their muddy tracks! (Picture: Mojang Studios)

To unite the Overworld and stop the Piglin invasion for good, outsmarting the deceptively devious Piglins you encounter won't be a quick task in Minecraft Legends. If you are wondering exactly how much time, in terms of hours, you will need to put aside to beat the game, then we've got some official info from the devs.

According to reports via an interview with Dennis Ries, an Executive Producer at Mojang Studios, the Minecraft Legends story/campaign will take roughly between 18 and 25 hours to complete. However, it is important to note that completionists might spend a whole lot longer to finish everything the game's campaign has to offer in the Overworld.

Once the game releases on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on 18 April 2023, we will update this with more precise numbers. Remember, Minecraft Legends has a big focus on co-op and PvP multiplayer, so even when you finish the campaign, it definitely isn't the end of your journey. The game also offers a lot of replay value to the procedurally-generated Overworld.

Minecraft Legensd how long to beat story campaign complete length
Enjoy the Minecraft Legends story with your friends in co-op. (Picture: Mojang Studios)

The campaign length for Minecraft Legends will likely vary a lot from player to player. This could be due to player skill, the difficulty level chosen, the procedurally generated Overworld map, and how many players decide to co-op the story together. The takeaway here, however, is that Minecraft Legends has an extensive campaign to enjoy.

Check out the Lead the Charge trailer for Minecraft Legends below as you get ready to stop the Piglin invasion in its muddy trackers.

So there you have it, an estimated time for how long it would take to beat Minecraft Legends' story campaign. We will endeavor to update this article as soon as we have more exact data to share.