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Who Are The Hosts in Minecraft Legends?

We explain who the three hosts are in Minecraft Legends and how they help the player throughout their journey.
Who Are The Hosts in Minecraft Legends?

In Minecraft Legends, there are three (3) hosts, called "The Hosts," that the player will encounter right from the start of their journey. The Hosts are an important aspect of the story, not only providing players with knowledge about the Overworld but various skills as well.

In this article, we explain who the Minecraft Legends Hosts are and how they help you as you defend the lush Overworld on the brink of destruction due to a surprise invasion by the Piglins.

The Hosts in Minecraft Legends Explained

minecraft legends hosts who knowledge action foresight
Knowledge explaining more about the Overworld during the Minecraft Legends tutorial. (Picture: Mojang Studios)

There are three Hosts in Minecraft Legends. These creatures are the caretakers of the Overworld, and Minecraft Legends players will meet these crucial characters during the game's tutorial.

Below, you can check out official lore descriptions of each Host in Minecraft Legends and how they help players throughout their journey, starting with Knowledge!

Minecraft Legends Knowledge Host:

Small in size but immeasurable in intelligence, Knowledge created the powerful tools you have at your disposal – the Legendary Lute, the Banner of Courage, and the Flames of Creation. Knowledge believes that mastering these tools will be the key to saving the Overworld.

Knowledge helps players get to grips with the three tools. For example, Knowledge might tell the player that there's a new upgrade available for the Flames of Creation and share insights on both Piglins and what Allays can build.

Minecraft Legends Action Host:

Action is the most outspoken Host and often speaks of their care and love for all beings of the Overworld. Softly spoken and young at heart, Action can sometimes be impatient and show emotion before the other Hosts.

Action is all about helping the player come to grips with movement, controls, and fighting. This Minecraft Legends host is prevalent in both Multiplayer and the Campaign. 

Minecraft Legends Foresight Host:

The wisest of the Hosts, Foresight has insight into what might come to pass. They always see
several possibilities, and can’t be sure which one will happen. Because of this, they are cautious and will always give much thought before taking decisive action.

The player will see Foresight tell them about upcoming invasions from Piglins in different Villages and more, revolving around what is happening on the map.

All three Minecraft Legends Hosts characters will be with the player throughout the Campaign's lengthy story and always have something new to teach. Listen carefully, Overworlder, as these characters are of the utmost importance.

With the details in this article, we hope you now understand more about the Hosts in Minecraft Legends and how they can help the player throughout their journey.