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Minecraft Breeze Guide: Location, Drops, How To Kill

Here is where you can find Breeze in Minecraft, a guide to kill it, details about its drops, and more.
Minecraft Breeze Guide: Location, Drops, How To Kill
Minecraft Breeze Guide. (Picture: Mojang/GINX)

Minecraft 1.21 Vanilla update has been announced officially in Minecraft Live 2023, and along with this, Mojang has also announced the Mob Vote winner, which is Armadillo. In addition to this, a playful hostile Mob called Breeze will also be introduced in the update, which is a wind-based creature that can pose a challenge for players. In this guide, we will guide you on how to find and kill Breeze in Minecraft and what items it will drop.

Minecraft Breeze Location

Breeze location and drops in Minecraft
Breeze location and drops in Minecraft. (Picture: Mojang)

The Breeze can only be found in some of the rooms in the new Trial Chambers and will spawn from a Trial Spawner.

Minecraft Breeze Drops

It is not yet confirmed what the Breeze will drop when killed; however, we will update this page once we get details about it.

How To Kill Minecraft Breeze

Guide to kill Breeze in Minecraft.
Guide to kill Breeze in Minecraft. (Picture: Mojang)

Breeze is a fast and agile mob that can use wind-charged attacks to push players away, blow away blocks, or activate buttons, trapdoors, and levers in the environment. While these wind-charged attacks will not deal any damage, the mob will give a small amount of damage when it comes in direct contact with someone.

To kill the Breeze, players will need to avoid its wind burst attack, which can knock them back or trigger traps. Players will also need to watch out for other mobs that may spawn from the Trial Spawner along with the Breeze.

652d92d8b124e-Minecraft Live 2023 1-1-58 screenshot.png

The best weapons to use against the Breeze are bows or crossbows, as they can hit it from a distance and prevent it from using its wind powers. Alternatively, players can use shields or potions of resistance to block or reduce the damage from its attacks.