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Dream claims "abusive" ex-girlfriend is being manipulated after he was doxxed

Dream posted in a Twitlonger on 7th January regarding the doxing of his friends and family and how his previous relationship plays into it all.
Dream claims "abusive" ex-girlfriend is being manipulated after he was doxxed

Clay AKA Dream has released a statement where he talks about how he, his friends, and family were doxxed and he claims that people are "manipulating" his ex-girlfriend to provide dirt in an attempt to smear him.

In a Twitlonger Dream claims his ex-girlfriend suffers from Borderline personality disorder, since their relationship ended over a year ago he claims she has accused him of a litany of misdeed including sexual assault.

He also claims that during their time together she abused him verbally, and after their relationship ended she repeatedly lied about their relationship, at one point claiming she knew Dream only through his content and never having actually met, even though Dream states they lived together for over a year.

“At points in the past she has said that I raped her, that I beat her, and that I starved her”, claimed Dream adding things ended badly with her cheating on him several times.

In the Twitlonger, Dream specifies that the reason he brings all of this to light is that he believes between her past wrongdoing and the people she turned on him, a combined effort to harm him is in motion.

“She has recently been in contact with people that want to do harm to me or my family. Again, I like to see the best in people, and I like to think that the people that are taking advantage of people with mental health issues are the true horrible people and not the people with mental health issues”, he says referring to the group of people that doxxed him as well as his friends and family.

Dream states some of the info this group of people had “were true, and others were false.”

dream dox doxxed ex exgirlfriend exgf ex-girlfriend clay minecraft speedrunning man hunt manhunt speedrun speed run running face reveal(Picture: dream)

This is the latest in a series of unfortunate events in the 21-year-old YouTuber's booming career.

From being accused of cheating by the Minecraft Java speedrunning mod team to being the subject of a hoax which claimed he had died with his name trending on Twitter with #RIPDREAM.

Jumping from 1,000 to 15 million subscribers in less than two years is both a blessing and a curse and it seems like Dream is currently seeing the downside of being an internet celebrity.

While Dream has provided no further comment, we will keep you updated as the situation develops.